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August 27, 2023

What an amazing week we have had at Penny Road getting ready to welcome all our pandas back for the first day of school!  We have an amazing staff who are so very excited for the year to come.

In this week's message you will find a variety of reminders and announcements that our leadership team, with input from the whole staff, want to make sure is communicated.




If your child will take medication while at school or will have emergency medication available at school, please bring the medication and a 1702 form signed by the physician to the office at your earliest convenience.  Without this documentation, no child should have medication of any type at school.





We will have staff on hand to support any students who need a little extra assistance feeling confident or getting to their classrooms the first few days.  Parents will not be permitted beyond the lobby and are encouraged to utilize the mode of transportation they will typically use from day one, whether that be bus, carpool, or walker to help establish the routine.


During kindergarten staggered entry, parents who are able are encouraged to bring their child to the check-in table located at the door the left of the main entrance when you're looking at the building. Goodbyes should occur at the check-in table.





I wanted to thank you all for providing your feedback regarding the logo refresh and color change.  We had 215 responses (80% families, 20% staff) and got excellent input that allowed us to make some improvements before deciding upon the new logo.  Based on feedback, the panda's look was adjusted to be a little more mature.  The amount of fluff was reduced, the eyes were changed to be less human, and the mouth was closed.  The shape of the bamboo leaves in the background was also changed.  Regarding the change to the color green, 60% of those responding preferred the green and an additional 25% did not have a preference between red and green.  A recommendation to incorporate the original Penny Road colors into spiritwear as an option seemed to address many of the concerns shared and was passed along to the PTA.  I know that staff will certainly continue to wear previous spiritwear proudly and students and families are encouraged to do the same.





Celebrating a birthday at school is a special and exciting event for many of our students.  Beginning this school year, we will have several ways to make your child feel special on his or her birthday.  In addition to being celebrated by classmates in a manner unique to each grade level, students will be celebrated in the office the morning of their birthday by receiving well wishes and a birthday trinket to celebrate the day.  As we begin these universal procedures that are healthy, equitable, and inclusive to all of our pandas, we ask that parents not send in additional treats or items for to celebrate a child's birthday at school.  (This includes any balloons, treats, goodie bags, or trinkets of any kind.)  We appreciate your understanding and support.




In the morning, carpool students should only be dropped off from the right lane (curbside).  Please stay in line and look for the signs indicating when you have entered the zone for drop off.  The left lane should not be utilized to pass cars dropping off students.


In the afternoon, please follow the directions of staff.  Student safety is our top priority and we need cooperation and undivided attention from all drivers in order to ensure a safe and efficient dismissal.  As with the beginning of any year, please know that carpool processes will likely be slower than usual as our new pandas get used to the routine.





After the first several weeks of school have passed in order for us to establish routines and procedures, we welcome interested parents to come and join their child for lunch as an occasional treat.  In the interest of ensuring that we are implementing consistent and safe practices, our policies around this practice have changed a bit this year.  Parents will sit with their child at designated tables, not the class table.  This will be a special time for you and your child to connect, so no other students will be allowed to accompany you. Parents coming to enjoy lunch with their child may choose to sit at the designated adult tables in the cafeteria or at a picnic table outside of the cafeteria.  Thank you for your understanding and support of this change.



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Please know that all decisions our school leadership team makes are with the best interest of students in mind with safety as a priority.  We are looking forward to an amazing school year at Penny Road!