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1-9-22 Weekly Message

1-9-22 Weekly Message


  • Final Exams will take place this week.  They will begin at 7:25 am each day and will conclude at 11:45 am.  Students will be dismissed at that time to go home.  Grab-n-go lunches will be available to students who would like one.  Buses will depart each day at 12:00 pm.  Students should bring their fully charged school-issued device for their exam session.  They will also turn their cell phones in at the beginning of each exam session and will get it back at 11:45 each day.  
    • Monday - 1st Period Exams
    • Tuesday - 2nd Period Exams
    • Wednesday - 3rd Period Exams
    • Thursday - 4th Period Exams
    • Friday - Exam Make-up Day


  • Transportation Updates:  Due to a severe driver shortage caused primarily by the impacts of COVID-19, means that some bus routes at our school may not run on a given day.  Please check the status of your students’ bus by clicking this link:   


If the status of your child’s bus route is “No Driver Available/Route Uncovered” you will 

need to make alternate transportation arrangements to get your student to and from 

school.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause.  You can also follow 

@caryhsbuses on Twitter for updates.



  • This weekend members of the Cary High Drama Department participated in the NC Improv competition and brought home the trophy for the 5th time!! We are so proud of our students! Besides the 1st place, 3 of our students also won individual awards:
    • Liam Vaughan---MVP
    • Sam Bryant---Best Characters
    • Everett Quinto---Best Supporting performer


  • From Student Services

If you have a spring schedule concern that has not already been addressed, please fill out the SCHEDULE CONCERN REQUEST FORM by Thursday, January 13, 2022. Please note that most classes are full and many changes will not be possible. The form can be found on the Student Services Website:


  • Seniors who are planning on graduating mid-year should check their student email and/or the mid-year graduate Google Classroom site for very important updates about the format of their ceremony.