• Summer Greetings & Reopening Schools

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 7/3/2020

    School Messenger  July 3, 2020


    Dear Olds Elementary Parents and Guardians:


    Now that summer is here, I hope you and your children are relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Those of us at school and in central office are preparing for your return in the fall. Those plans are being sent out now for your review. You are then going to have some unique personal decisions to make regarding the educational setting for your children when schools reopen.


    Please respond to the email you should receive from WCPSS asking if you want your child to attend a Virtual Academy this fall. This is a very important decision. If you choose this option of learning, your child will have a Wake County teacher that delivers instruction via a completely remote method. Another option is to attend Olds in what some people are calling a blended method. Based on the current COVID-19 situation, students will be on an instructional rotation of one week with face to face instruction, followed by two weeks of remote learning. Your Olds Elementary staff will be teaching your children face to face and remotely.


    Central office personnel are working on setting up daycare-like systems for students to attend when they are not in face to face instruction with teachers. Students may be at the Y, at a church, or even at school for this component of instruction. Details will be provided on this service soon. From my view, the district is truly trying to meet family needs as well as the educational and emotional needs of our students to the greatest extent possible. You will have a say in what system of learning meets the needs of your child and family.


    Please check into the Wake County website to fully understand your choices and the plans that are being made to reopen our schools for students.  Links to information on the WCPSS website information that pertain to your choices and the reopening of schools are posted for your review at the end of this memo on our PTA memberhub site, under Principal's Message on our school website and on the WCPSS website.

    Your Olds Elementary administrative team (Dr. Wheeler, Principal; Mrs. Condry, Asst. Principal, and Mrs. Stradling, Instructional Facilitator) are available to assist you in obtaining and understanding the information.  Because I am having knee surgery on Monday, I ask that send questions and requests for information to Mrs. Condry and cc me and Mrs. Stradling.  We will work as a team to get information to you as quickly as possible.  


    Please note that we will have summer office hours at Olds Elementary on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the month of July. Please call the office at 919-856-7699 to reach an office staff member during those times.  Also, please note that parents are encouraged to register new students online now.


    Finally, Mrs. Macon, our lead secretary, has retired. Ms. Michele Privett is our new lead secretary. Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself when we reopen very soon!


    I wish you a healthy, safe, fun summer and truly look forward to seeing all of you in the fall.



    Dr. Wheeler, Principal




    Download the Return-to-Campus Guide for Families. 

    Student Assignment / New Student Enrollment

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  • End-of-Year Announcements

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 6/11/2020

    School Messenger   June 11, 2020

    Good evening families,

    This is Dr. Wheeler with a few end-of-year announcements.  This information will be posted on the PTA’s memberhub site and on our school website under Our School, Principal’s Messages.

    Rain or Shine End of Year School Parade: Tomorrow is the last day of school! Be sure to join the school parade. Please join the parade from the Hillsborough side of Dixie Trail. Fifth graders are invited to line up to go through our carpool at 1 p.m.  At 1:30 p.m., kindergarteners and their families are invited to line up in their cars. Finally, at 2 p.m., first through fourth graders and their families are invited to line up.

    It is recommended that students sit on the right side of the cars so they can see and wave to staff who will be spaced along the carpool sidewalk.

    Drivers of our fifth-grade students will be asked to stop their cars briefly where Dr. Wheeler will be standing. We have a photographer who will be taking action pictures of our graduates! Many thanks to Angel Burgin of B Scene Photography who will be taking the pictures for us!  The pictures will be sent to families later in the month via email.

    We have heard that some students are planning on giving cards and notes to staff.  If you are planning to do this, please make sure the envelope is clearly labelled. We will have a mailbox crate available that cards and notes can be dropped into from your car as you go by in carpool.

     Please be patient as students and their families go through carpool.  Also, please remember that students and families should remain in cars.  Thank you. We are going to have a great time!

    End-of-Year Good-Byes: Each year, PTA sponsors a good-bye event for staff members who are moving on to new adventures. This year, you are invited to recognize these staff members during the parade. You are invited to make signs, cheer, and even drop cards for our departing staff members as you go by in carpool.  Mrs. Kindle and Mrs. Raymond will be working at new elementary schools next year. Also, Mrs. Macon will be retiring.  She has been our Lead Secretary for over 33 years! Please join us in cheering for these staff members tomorrow during the parade!

    Reopening of Schools:  Are we reopening our school in the fall? What will it look like? Christine Kushner, District 6 WCPSS Board Member, has asked that we share information about the ThoughtExchange This virtual platform was set up to get parent feedback and ideas about the reopening of schools in the fall. You can send your thoughts into the system through Saturday, June 13. The platform gives you a chance to give input as well as rate other ideas from participants. Details can be found online: https://www.wcpss.net/Page/43341

    Also, our DHSS, NC Department of Health and Human Services, recognizes the importance of safely opening our State's K-12 schools. DHHS has released guidance and a toolkit, which can be found online: https://files.nc.gov/covid/documents/guidance/Strong-Schools-NC-Public-Health-Toolkit.pdf

    Take care and we hope to see you tomorrow!

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  • Remote Learning Survey for Olds

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 6/11/2020

    Remote Learning Survey - Please Participate!

    Dear Parents,

    We are trying to improve how we conduct our remote learning process for your children just in case we use some form of remote learning in the coming school year. Please help us improve our system by taking a short survey. Please hit the below link and complete the survey by Monday, June 15th.


    Please complete a survey for each child in your family.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance in improving our school services for your child and you!



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  • Picking Up Student Belongings and more

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 6/8/2020

    School Messenger June 8, 2020

    Good Day Olds Elementary Families! This is Dr. Wheeler with a few announcements.

    Stressful Times:  We are living in unprecedented times. Many within our school community are experiencing emotional and/or financial difficulties from the coronavirus shutdowns combined with the current civic unrest in our city, state, and country.  Please know that the Olds school community is here and available to help you. Please contact Dr. Wheeler at mwheeler@wcpss.net or Ms. Davis, your school counselor at lfdavis@wcpss.net. We will do our best to get you assistance as quickly as possible.

    Yearbooks: Our 2019-2020 school yearbooks will be arriving in a few weeks. When they do, we will contact you about how they will be distributed to everyone. It is not too late to order one. (Click Here to order through the MemberHub store.)  If you do not remember if you ordered one, simply email Kelly Smith at kcsmith0812@yahoo.com. You can still get one!

    Materials Pick Up Reminder: A parent (or designated adult) is invited to pick up each Olds Elementary student’s personal belongings today, June 8th, from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. and tomorrow, June 9th, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Details about the pick up procedures were sent to you earlier, but also will be reprinted on your PTA memberhub connection and our school website under Principal’s Messages.



    It’s Time To Pick Up Your Child’s Belongings!


    Today (June 8th) from 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. or tomorrow (June 9th) from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


    We have bagged up all the stuff your student left behind, including papers, notebooks, binder, water bottles, clothing, trinkets, books, artwork, and even hard copies of report cards. 


     Please come pick up your things during one of the above times. Anything not picked up during  the scheduled times will be discarded unless arrangements are made with your teachers. 


    When coming to Olds, we request you follow these instructions: 

    1. Return any library books or class materials you may have at home or in a backpack. Put them in a bag labeled with your child's name and their teachers name.
    2. Send one adult, and please do not bring children unless absolutely necessary
    3. Wear a mask and follow the social distancing marks, as you come to the back of the building. 
    4. Lost and found items will be laid out, please wear gloves if you plan to look through these.  
    5. NOTE: if you will not be IN a Wake County school next year, you must return your chromebook, otherwise you will keep it for the summer. 


    Upon arrival at Olds, park your car and walk to the back of the building ON THE CARPOOL side. 

    1. At the cafeteria door - Pick up any medications you might have left at school.
    2. At the first gym door,  drop off  items you are returning and tell the staff member your child’s name &  teacher.
    3. Move along the markings for Lost and Found pick up.
    4. At the 2nd gym door - pick up your child’s bag/s of belongings
    5. Continue around the building, exiting through the playground gate and going back around to the front. 

    If you have any other business at Olds, please email Dr. Wheeler at mwheeler@wcpss.net

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  • Commitment to Racial Equity

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 6/5/2020
    • School Messenger June 5, 2020

      Dear Olds Families,

      This is Dr. Wheeler, your principal. I am reposting the recent words from Keith Sutton, Chair of our WCPSS Board of Education, and Cathy Moore, our WCPSS Superintendent. Their published message was sent out in response to recent civic events on a national and local level. Their words inspire and lead us to think about, reflect on, and act in a manner that creates and supports a safe, inclusive, and respectful community for all people.


      _June 1, 2020_

      One of the Core Beliefs of our school system states that “The Board of Education, superintendent, and all staff value a diverse school community that is inviting, respectful, inclusive, flexible, and supportive.”

      These are difficult times. Yet, we remain dedicated to this belief. The senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and most recently, George Floyd have given rise to some of the country’s deepest forms of anguish, fear, sadness and outrage.

      As you may be aware, a few WCPSS students and staff members aggravated and trivialized the emotions felt by many across the nation, particularly members of the African American community, by making racist, vile, and thoughtless statements on social media.

      To be sure, the racist actions of a few do not define our school system.  However, we cannot be silent in the face of racism in our community or beyond.  Our Core Beliefs[1] compel us to see, to understand and to interrupt racism in all its forms.

      These Core Beliefs challenge educators and families and require us to have a positive influence on the community beyond education. Through our collective work, perhaps we can create a way forward in dismantling racism and other negative influences that affect our school community and nation.

      We encourage each of you to use this moment in history to strengthen your commitment to achieving racial equity.  This means working to address the injustices that exist beyond education by the conversations we have with others, by speaking up when we see hate, by supporting efforts that oppose racism and oppression, and by directly engaging in advocacy work.

      Hold this compelling work closely to your heart. If children master academics but fail to appreciate the value of inclusivity, respect, and diversity, we as adults have fallen short of preparing them for tomorrow.

      Keith Sutton
      Chair, Wake Board of Education

      Cathy Q. Moore
      WCPSS Superintendent


      El compromiso de WCPSS a la equidad racial

       _1 de junio de 2020_

      Una de las creencias fundamentales de nuestro sistema escolar establece que "la Junta Directiva Escolar, la superintendente y todo el personal valoran una comunidad escolar diversa que sea acogedora, respetuosa, inclusiva, flexible y solidaria".

      Estos son momentos difíciles. Sin embargo, seguimos comprometidos con esta creencia. Las muertes sin sentido de Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor y, más recientemente, George Floyd han dado lugar a algunas de las formas más profundas de angustia, miedo, tristeza e indignación en el país.

      Como es de su conocimiento, algunos estudiantes y miembros del personal de WCPSS agravaron y trivializaron las emociones que sentían muchas personas en todo el país, particularmente los miembros de la comunidad afroamericana, al hacer comentarios racistas, repugnantes e irreflexivos en las redes sociales.

      Sin duda, las acciones racistas de unas pocas personas no definen nuestro sistema escolar. Sin embargo, no podemos guardar silencio frente al racismo en nuestra comunidad o más allá. Nuestras creencias fundamentales nos obligan a reconocer, comprender e interrumpir el racismo en todas sus formas.

      Estas creencias fundamentales desafían a los educadores y familias y requieren que tengamos una influencia positiva en la comunidad más allá de la educación. A través de nuestro trabajo colectivo, quizás podamos concretar una manera para desmantelar el racismo y otras influencias negativas que afectan a nuestra comunidad escolar y nuestro país.

      Animamos a cada uno de ustedes a que aprovechen este momento en la historia para fortalecer su compromiso de lograr la equidad racial. Esto significa trabajar para abordar las injusticias que existen más allá de la educación a través de las conversaciones que tenemos con los demás, reportando cuando vemos odio, apoyando los esfuerzos que se oponen al racismo y la opresión y participando directamente en la defensa de nuestro compromiso.

      Guarde esta labor encomiable en su corazón. Si los niños dominan lo académico pero no aprecian el valor de la inclusión, el respeto y la diversidad, nosotros, como adultos, hemos fallado en prepararlos para el futuro.

      Keith Sutton
      Presidente, Junta Directiva Escolar de WCPSS

      Cathy Q. Moore
      Superintendente de WCPSS

      [1] https://www.wcpss.net/Page/4775

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  • Drive Through End of Year Parade

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 6/3/2020

    Drive Through End of Year Parade


    Dear First, Second, Third, and Fourth Grade Students and Families,


    It is a very challenging time in our world, and we are so sad that we have been apart for the last twelve weeks of school. We hope to see at least one parent/guardian from every family in our school this coming Monday and Tuesday during the “Pick Up Your Child’s Belongings” time periods. Please let us know how you are doing and if there is anything you need. We are here to support and assist you the best we can. We also would like to give our students and school community an additional portion of closure to the school year. Therefore …


    We Are Inviting You To A Drive-Through End of Year Parade!


    On Friday, June 12, 2020 at  2 p.m., students and their families are invited to drive through the Olds carpool lane to wave good-bye, get some socially distanced high fives, and hear cheers from your teachers and staff!


    We ask that you line up on the far right of Dixie Trail to enter the carpool line in order to minimize the blocking of traffic. Please be patient as teachers and staff say “Good-bye” and “See you later” to our students after being apart for so long.



        Your Teachers and Staff at Olds Elementary

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  • Kindergarten Promotion Celebration & Parade

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 6/3/2020

    Kindergarten Promotion & Parade


    Dear Kindergarten Families,


    Your child is about to move on to first grade. This is an exciting time in your child’s life. We are always so excited to celebrate this significant milestone with our youngest students. This year, due to the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus situation, we are unable to host our typical graduation ceremonies. However, we are still able to celebrate, share some parting thoughts, and briefly say congratulations, good-bye and see you soon!


    Here is the 2019-20 Kindergarten Graduation Plan:


    Friday, June 12,  9:30 a.m.


    On the morning of June 12, 2020, our kindergarten students and their families will receive a link to a recorded live stream of a kindergarten graduation ceremony created just for them. The kindergarten team and administration wanted our young students to feel special at this time. One benefit of this live stream ceremony is that you will be able to watch it over and over! 


    Friday, June 12 at 1:30 p.m.


    All kindergarten graduates are invited to decorate their cars and participate in a drive-thru parade through the Olds carpool lane. We ask that you line up on the far right of Dixie Trail to avoid blocking traffic. Please be patient as staff congratulate the students going by in cars. Thank you all for sharing your children with us this year and for your ongoing support for our students, teachers, and school.



    The Teachers and Staff of Olds Elementary

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  • Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony & Parade

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 6/3/2020

    Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony & Parade


    Dear Students and Families,


    This is an exciting time for our fifth-grade students. They are now ready to leave elementary school behind and move on to middle school.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to host our typical graduation ceremonies. However, we can still celebrate our students’ accomplishments and let them know how proud we are of them!


    Here is the Olds Elementary, Fifth Grade, Class of 2020 Graduation Plan:                                                                                                


    Friday, June 12,  9:30 a.m.


    Fifth graders and their families will receive a link to a recorded live stream of their graduation ceremony.  You will be able to view the ceremony in the comfort of your home with the added benefit of being able to watch the ceremony and special features over and over again.


    Friday, June 12 at 1 p.m.


    All 5th grade graduates are invited to decorate their cars and participate in a drive-thru parade in the Olds carpool lane. We ask that you line up on the far right of Dixie Trail to avoid blocking traffic. Please be patient as staff shout out congratulations to each of our fifth-grade graduates.

    Thank you all for sharing your children with us over the years, and for the support you have given our teachers and school.



                                                                  The Teachers and Staff Olds Elementary


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  • Remote Learning Participation & Picking Up Your Child's Belongings

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 6/1/2020

    Dear boys and girls and families, 


    Remote learning is tough, but it is teaching our young students self-discipline and perseverance. We have two weeks left to the end of the school year.  I heard rumors that our teachers have some fun things planned for your last week, so I encourage all of you students to hang in there. The end is in sight.


    I would like to remind you that nothing on the learning boards is busy work. Every lesson and practice problem are connected to a key skill needed for the next grade-level. 


    Be strong, tell yourself you can do it, and maybe even mark your calendar with the promise of some treat when you complete the last day of remote learning! 


    PARENTS - Please do not forget to pick your student’s belongings next Monday between 1:30 and 5:30 p.m. or Tuesday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.  Click the link for a reminder about how to pick up your child’s belongings.


    The following table shows grade level participation percentages for ELA and Math across weeks of remote learning.



    Math: turned in at 2 +  assignments  or did 30 min. on Dreambox or Legends

    ELA: turned in 2+ assignments or in K-2 did 30 minutes of Raz kids or Read theory

    Week of 5/4-8

    Week of 5/11-15

    Week of 5/18-22

    Week of 5/25-29

    Week of 6/1-5













    29 / 43 = 67%

    30 / 43 = 70%

    31 / 43 = 


    27 / 43 = 


    30 / 43 = 70%

    25 / 43 = 58%

    23 / 43 =  53%

    23/43 53%



    40 / 60 = 66%

    40 / 60 = 66%

    46/60= 77%

    44/60= 73%

    =41 / 60 68%

    44 / 60 = 73%

    44/60 = 73%

    42/60 = 70%



    24 / 39 =  62%

    25 / 39 = 64%

    26/39= 67%

    27/39 = 69%

    27/39 = 69%

    28/39 = 


    24 / 39 = 62% 

    25 / 39 = 64%



    43 / 48 = 90%

    40 / 48 = 83%

    41 / 48 = 


    39 / 48 = 81%

    43/49 = 90%

    39 / 48 = 81%

    39/48 = 81%

    34 / 48 = 71%



    41 / 63 = 65%

    39 / 63 = 62%

    43 / 63 = 


    46 / 63 =


    47 / 63 = 75%

    45 / 63 = 


    48 / 63 = 76%

    43 / 63 = 68%



    23 / 64 = 36%

    25 / 64 = 39%

    31 / 64 =


    22/64 =


    28 / 64 = 44%

    34 / 64 = 53%

    38/64 = 59%

    24/64 - 38%


    School wide

    200 / 317= 63%

    199 / 317 = 63%

    218 /317= 69%

    205 /317= 65%

    216 / 317 = 68%

    215 / 317 = 68%

    216/317 = 68%

    221/317 = 70%



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  • Principal's Update May 27,2020

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 5/27/2020

    It’s Time To Pick Up Your Child’s Belongings!


    Did your student leave their lunch box, water bottle, books, clothing, and/or trinkets at school when they left on Friday, March 13th, expecting to get them later?  Well “later” has arrived!  


    Teachers, wearing gloves and masks, will be cleaning out their rooms next week and bagging up all student items left in desks and cubbies.  Your child’s bag/s will include papers, notebooks, folders and pencils, but could also include items mentioned above like books and water bottles. Anything not picked up during  the scheduled times will be discarded unless arrangements are made with your teachers. 


    When coming to Olds, we request only one adult come per family, and please do not bring children unless absolutely necessary. Additionally, wearing masks and social distancing will be required. If you plan to look through Lost and Found items, you must also wear gloves. PLEASE FOLLOW these directions:


    • Choose one of the below times to pick up your child’s belongings.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR for one adult to come to Olds:
      1. Monday June 8th from 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
      2. Tuesday  June 9th from 9:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    • Before you come:
      1. Gather all library books and any classroom material you have at home or in backpacks to return to Olds,
      2. Put all items in a bag labeled with your child’s name / teacher.
    1. Chromebooks - Students will keep these until further notice, UNLESS YOU ARE LEAVING WAKE COUNTY.
      1. If you will NOT be in Wake County schools in the fall, you MUST return your chromebook and charger on June 8th or 9th. Please place these in a bag labeled with your child’s name and their teacher.
      2. All other students are encouraged to continue accessing Dreambox, Raz Kids, Discovery Ed, Read Theory, Khan Academy, and other district approved learning sites on your chromebook during the summer. 
      3. Please take good care of your device! You will be bringing it back to school eventually.
    • When you arrive at school, please park your car and walk to the back of the building ON THE CARPOOL side. 
      1. Put on your mask (and gloves if you’ll be checking Lost and Found).
      2. Follow the social distance markings and, if there is a line, move forward when the next space is available.
      3. Pick up any medications at the cafeteria door.
      4. At the first gym door,  drop off any items you are returning in a bag that is labeled with your child’s name and the name of their teacher.
      5. Tell the staff member your child’s name and teacher so they can go pick up the correct bag/s of student 
      6. belongings for you.
      7. Move along the markings for Lost and Found pick up.
      8. You will pick up your child’s bag/s of belongings at the second gym door.
      9. Exit through  the playground gate on the other end of the building, going back around to the front.

    We look forward to seeing you on June 8th or 9th!

    If you have any other business at Olds, please email Dr. Wheeler at mwheeler@wcpss.net

    Sincerely, Your Olds Elementary Teachers and Staff


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