Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 12/2/2020



    WCPSS is Turning Pink THIS WEEK!  WCPSS is turning pink THIS WEEK (Nov 30-Dec 4) in the fight against cancer! All of us at Olds are wearing PINK tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020.  You can wear pink on your virtual classes and in person if you are here at school.  Let’s color our world pink! Also, parents, you can donate to help the cause by going to the following link: https://bit.ly/wakecountypublicschools


    The Giving Tree & School Donations: It’s that wonderful time of year again! Traditionally, our school creates a Holiday Tree to support Fred Olds families. This year your help is needed even more as 2020 has been difficult for so many. While we cannot address every need, we can work together to support our school community. Here is how you can help:

    1. Sign up to purchase gifts for a boy or girl that attends Olds using the link below.

    Giving Tree 2020

    1. Shop for a child using the sizes provided.
    2. Please try to purchase at least 2 items from the list per child and gift wrap them.
    3. Drop off items at the front door of Olds no later than December 11th.
    4. Please be sure to include the number with your gift.


    If you go to sign up for the “Giving Tree” and all the spots are full, please consider a donation to Olds for new TVs and cords. Three classroom televisions have died recently. Your help in this area would be greaty appreciated by the teachers and students.  All donations should be addressed to Fred A. Olds and sent to the office in care of Mrs. Huntley.


    Experience the joy of giving while helping Olds parents, teachers and students! Thank you in advance for sharing with our Olds family this holiday season.


    School Pictures/Materials for Some Students

    If your child has not had a school picture taken yet, you have another chance on Wednesday, December 9th!  If you are here at school, the teachers will get your child’s picture taken. If your child is learning in Virtual Academy or out on a Plan B Rotation on Dec. 9th, you will need to schedule an appointment between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Dec. 9th to have a picture taken. If you have had pictures taken and now wish to order some, please use the below information to do so.  Please click on the links to schedule an appointment or to place your order.

    Schedule an Appointment:


    (Everyone must have an appointment, walk-ins not permitted)
    Picture Day ID - EVTGMJT96

    Order School Pictures:



    Note 1:  Some students/parents will be receiving a notice from Mrs. Stradling to pick up materials on Dec. 9th.  Not everyone needs these materials. No notice, no materials.

    Note 2: All students and parents coming to the school for pictures and/or to pick up materials should go to the lower level school door by the ART ROOM located off Kilgore Street. Staff will be there to complete a health check in, hand you materials if you are on the distribution list, and/or take you in for a school picture.


    STAY SAFE, OLDS SAFE. Wash your hands. Wait six feet apart. Wear a mask.

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  • Spring Semester Learning Choices

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 12/1/2020

    Dear Families,

    This is a reminder that the Virtual Academy (VA) Window opens tomorrow, December 2nd and will remain open until 5:00 p.m. December 9th.  Use this link https://www.wcpss.net/Page/46086

    If your child is currently in Plan B, you may register them for Virtual Academy for spring.

    If your child is currently in VA for the fall only, you may register for Virtual Academy for spring.

    If your child is currently in VA for the year,  you may cancel the spring semester and return to Plan B.

    We recognize that each family has much to consider when making this decision, and we want to be sure we provide any information that may impact your choices. 

    Our first semester schedule only allowed a small amount of wiggle room for administration to move students between plans. Everything was based on numbers, being able to adhere to safety guidance, and easily pivoting between fully remote and a hybrid with minimal changes for students or teachers. The current schedule works really well in our present situation. It does not, however,  easily pivot to having 3 times as many students in the building, which may be the case come January 20th.

    We are revisiting our schedule and what our numbers for January look like right now. It is already clear that we will have even less flexibility during the second semester. As we plan for many more students being in the building and figure out how to maintain safety protocols as best we can, there will undoubtedly be schedule changes and adjustments to what in-person looks like. One significant change may be that some students are in hybrid classes (e.g., Virtual Academy and  Face-to-Face instruction taught simultaneously). These are currently being used while students are on rotations, but if our in-person numbers remain high, it may become a permanent structure so that we can control class sizes.  Instructional groups would be determined by teachers based on social dynamics, participation, and academic needs.  Due to many factors involved with scheduling, second semester schedules will not be available until mid January. 

    All of this is to explain that to maintain equity and quality instruction among all students and continue to provide a safe environment, Olds will not be able to accommodate switching back and forth during the second semester.  Requests for changes will likely require medically documented, health-related reasons.  Your family should make a semester long decision that works for you.  The county has been clear from the beginning that to maintain consistency for your child, Virtual Academy is the best option.  Choosing in-person instruction means following the county's path, which in January may be in person, fully remote, or on rotations depending on what happens with coronavirus situation.

    Hopefully, this information is helpful to your family.  Please let us know if you have any questions, and we will do our best to answer honestly. This school year remains fluid, so your patience and flexibility are appreciated.  

    Sincerely, Your Administrative Team (Dr. Wheeler, Mrs. Co

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    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 11/24/2020

    Good afternoon.

    Below is information regarding the WCPSS Virtual Academy Registration Window Dec. 2-9!

    The registration window for the WCPSS Virtual Academy for elementary students for the spring semester will be Dec. 2-9.

    The window for middle and high school students has closed.

    Please note that this is for K-5 students wishing to register for the WCPSS Virtual Academy.

    This registration window will allow:
    • Currently registered WCPSS Virtual Academy students the opportunity to return to in-person instruction during the spring semester,
    • WCPSS Virtual Academy students registered for fall only to continue in the WCPSS Virtual Academy for the spring semester, and
    • Students who are not currently registered for the WCPSS Virtual Academy the opportunity to register for the spring semester Virtual Academy.

    Students who are registered in the WCPSS Virtual Academy for the entire year and who wish to remain registered for the spring semester do not need to take any action.

    Students who are not currently registered for the WCPSS Virtual Academy and who do not wish to register for the spring semester also do not need to take any action.

    Registration and Attendance Information:
    Families may apply and find more information at www.wcpss.net/Virtual-Academy.

    Registration forms will be available online Dec. 2 for elementary schools. If a child is not currently enrolled in a WCPSS school, families will be directed to Student Assignment from this site.


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  • Important Dates & Events Happy Thanksgiving!

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 11/20/2020

    Principal’s Message    Friday, Nov. 20, 2020

    Good Day Olds Families!   This is Dr. Wheeler, your principal, with important messages for the upcoming weeks. Please review the information and call us at 919-856-7699 with any questions.

    Remote Learning Days:  Monday & Tuesday (Nov. 24th & 25th) are asynchronous remote learning days. Students will access their lessons and assignments online on their own schedule. Please remember that there are no live meets. Attendance will be taken by teachers based on work submitted by students.


    Important Note: WCPSS will be performing maintenance on the Wake Id Platform on Monday and Tuesday (Nov. 24, Nov. 25) so if your child experiences glitches with accessing Wake ID or Google Classroom, just have them try again later. Sorry in advance for any difficulties.


    Thanksgiving Break:  No School Wednesday, Nov. 25th to Friday, Nov. 27th.  See you back face-to-face or remotely on Monday, November 30, 2020.


    Plan B, Rotation B (2) Fourth and Fifth Grade Students in School Monday, Nov. 30th:  Our fourth and fifth grade students who are in Plan B, Rotation B(2) will come to school in person Monday (Nov. 30), Tuesday (Dec. 1), Thursday (Dec. 3), and Friday (Dec. 4).  They will learn remotely on Wednesday because it is an asynchronous learning day.  Students should bring their device and a charger, headphones, a water bottle, and backpack with all learning materials they have been using at home (Math binder, EL workbooks and books, science and social studies notebooks, pencils, crayons or colored pencils etc. )



    • All Plan B kindergarten through third grade students will continue to come to school for face-to-face learning.
    • All Virtual Academy students will continue to learn remotely.
    • Plan B, Rotation B (2) fourth and fifth grade students will learn at school face-to-face.
    • Plan B, Rotation A (1) and C(3) fourth and fifth grade students will learn remotely.
    • Please note that Wednesday, Dec. 2 is an asynchronous day. All students will learn remotely.


    VIRTUAL ACADEMY REGISTRATION WINDOW: The Virtual Academy Spring Registration Window opens next Wednesday, December 2 - December 9.  You should have received an email about this last Monday (Nov. 6th).  While the plan is for Plan B students to come to school daily second semester, that could change to rotations or remote learning depending on what happens with the coronavirus situation. If your family needs a consistent schedule with less likelihood for change, then the Virtual Academy is an option for you to consider. Please feel free to call to discuss this issue. Here are links for more information on making a choice for in-person vs virtual learning for your child - WCPSS Virtual Academy  and second semester information.  You can make the choice you want for your child (face-to-face or virtual learning) during the Virtual Academy registration period for second semester.



    Science Fair:  This year's virtual Science Fair will be held on January 8th for K-2nd graders and on January 9th for 3rd-5th graders. Students can either submit on their own or in groups of up to three students. Students who want to participate have until January 8th to submit a video of their science projects using a site called Flipgrid. A posterboard is not required for the school science fair but will be needed if your child moves on to regionals. Details will follow about how to access the site, but it is not too early to get your kids thinking about their ideas.


    Picture Make Up Days:  Picture make up day is Dec. 9th.  Please put this on your calendar if your child has not had pictures taken yet.  This is available to ALL students. If your child is learning remotely that day, you can still schedule a time to come in and have a picture taken!  More details coming soon.


    Please enjoy a safe and social distanced holiday.  Be cautious about seeing people outside of your family.  Olds has been enforcing the protocols and would love to continue to maintain a healthy school environment upon return from the fall break.  If your child is not feeling well, has any screening symptoms, or has been exposed to someone with possible COVID-19, please keep them home and access lessons online. 




    Reference Links Available on WCPSS.NET:

    Food Distribution During Thanksgiving Week

    Curbside pick-up locations and Big Bus Food Truck sites will distribute two lunches and two breakfasts on Fri., Nov. 20 to also cover meals for Mon. Nov. 23 as all curbside pick-up locations and Big Bus Food Truck locations will be closed on this date. On Tuesday, Nov. 24, our CNS team will distribute a four-day holiday pack at our curbside pick-up locations and Big Bus Food Truck sites as long as supplies last. Food distribution services will not be occurring Nov. 25-27.



    NCDHHS Guidance for Healthy Holidays

    The best way to reduce your risk of viral transmission is to limit travel and limit physical contact with people who do not live in your household, according to the NC Department of Health and Human Services. Practice the 3W’s and wear a face covering, wait apart to maintain social distancing, and wash your hands frequently. Remember that spikes in community spread could have impacts in our schools and work sites. Let’s show how we care by doing our part to minimize the spread.


    Important: Updated Second Semester School Calendars

    School calendars have been updated for the second semester to reflect the new schedule approved Tuesday by the WCPSS Board of Education.

    Importante: Se han actualizado los calendarios escolares del segundo semestre

    • Se han actualizado los calendarios escolares del segundo semestre para reflejar el nuevo calendario aprobado el día martes por la Junta Directiva Escolar de WCPSS.
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  • New Phase of School Reopening Starts Monday - Before & After School Program Begins

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 11/15/2020

    Dear Parents,

    We have several changes taking place tomorrow at Olds. We are starting a new reopening of school phase for students and the Before & After School Program will begin.


    Next Phase of Reopening Our School: 

    Starting tomorrow, November 16, 2020, all Plan B, K-3 students will return to school for face-to-face instruction daily. Fourth and fifth grade students will begin their Plan B rotations. Tomorrow, all Plan B, Rotation A(1) fourth and fifth graders will attend classes at Olds. If you have questions about your child’s schedule, please email Dr. Wheeler and Mrs. Stradling at mwheeler@wcpss.net and lstradling@wcpss.net and we will look the information up for you.


    All students attending school in person should plan to bring their charged device, if possible. Students with county-issued chrome books are expected to bring them and the charger.


    Be sure to review the expectations for returning to school with your child, as well as explaining why. Students who are unable or unwilling to comply with expected safety measures can lose the opportunity to attend live instruction. 


    Everyone will follow the 3Ws: Wear a mask. Wait and social distance six feet apart as much as possible. Wash your hands frequently. 


    There will more students in the building, so it is critical that all students are healthy when they come to school.  If they have a fever or other possible covid symptom (e.g., cough, sore throat, chills) they should stay home unless they have a doctor's note stating that the symptom/s are due to something other than COVID.  

     All students will be required to successfully complete a health screening before entering the school.  Parents must stay with their children until the screening is completed unless the students arrive on a bus or other school transportation.


    Before and After School Program:

    We will begin our Before and After School Programs starting tomorrow, Monday, November 16, 2020.  As in the past, parents may drop off children for the Before School Program starting at 7 a.m. on the first day of the program and pick up a program guide and registration materials.  (Please return the completed forms and fees Tuesday morning.) This second quarter program will run from Nov.16, 2020 to Jan.15, 2021. The Before School Program runs from 7 to 8 a.m. daily. The After-School program starts with dismissal and runs until 6 p.m.


    If your child is at school tomorrow and you would like him/her to participate in the After-School Program, please call the office or drop by so we can put your child on the program list.  You will have the option of picking up the program guide and registration materials from the office or we can send them home with your child if you call the office and request them. Please return the completed forms and fees the next day if possible.


    As we have mentioned in previous communications, we are no longer a four-star program due to COVID 19 situation. We are now under the sole umbrella of WCPSS programming. The registration and program information you will receive is WCPSS-generated. This information will be attached to our Olds Elementary Before and After School Program Guide. Our guide explains the activities that we will be offering. WCPSS materials outline general district program expectations and fee structures for all schools. There will be a $15 registration fee. K-3 students attending the after-school program daily will have a program fee in the $165 range for entire session. Fourth and fifth grade students who will be attending school in rotations will have a program fee in the range of $55 for the six-week session.


    If your child is not in face-to-face instruction this coming week and you would like to enroll him or her in the Before or After School Program, please call the office or drop by so we can put your child on the program list. You will have the option of picking up the program and registration materials from the office or viewing the materials online Monday evening, November 16th. Please return the completed forms and fees to the office as soon as possible. The deadline for returning them is Thursday, Nov. 19th.


    Please note that the WCPSS fees are for six weeks of programming, starting November 16th and ending on January 15th.  A new guide and registration materials will be distributed for the start of third quarter.


    NOTE: We will be offering Orchestra (String Ensemble) to all grade 3-5 students and Percussion Ensemble classes to all K-5 students at Olds. We are going to try offering these classes face-to-face and virtually so all students can participate. The fee will be equivalent to a 4-5 cohort cost unless you are already registered full time in the After School Program as a Plan B student. Please call the office at 919-856-7899 between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. with any questions about this COVID-19 adapted music learning opportunity for Olds students.




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  • Third Face-to-Face Rotation, Veterans Day

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 11/8/2020

    Good day Olds Elementary Families, 

    I hope you are out enjoying the beautiful weather today! Please find below a couple of reminders for the upcoming week. 

    New Rotation Week: Students enrolled in Plan B, Rotation C (3) will be coming to school for face-to-face instruction starting tomorrow, Monday, November 9, 2020.  Information about what to expect when returning to school is available on your WCPSS website (https://www.wcpss.net/returntocampus). It includes information about health check ins as you enter the school, free breakfast and lunches for all students, health protocols and much more. Please take the time to review this important information.

    All other students will be learning remotely. Please follow your purple or red schedules. 

    Veterans Day: Wednesday, Nov. 11, is Veterans Day. It is a holiday. No school for students or staff. 

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  • First Rotation of Plan B Students Returning to School

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 10/23/2020

    Greetings Olds Families!


    Staff have been working diligently to prepare for the return of our Plan B students to school this coming Monday, October 26th.  Plan B, Rotation A (1) students will be coming to school first.  Students should arrive between 8 and 8:20 a.m. to have enough time to go through the mandatory health screening and walk up to their classrooms.


    NOTE FOR STUDENTS/FAMILIES IN REMOTE LEARNING: To help returning students with this upcoming academic learning change, we will have asynchronous Morning Meetings on the first day that each rotation group returns to school. Specifically, we will have the asynchronous Morning Meetings on Monday, Oct. 26, Nov. 2, and Nov. 9, 2020. The remainder of these school days will run according to the regularly posted schedule.


    FOR RETURNING STUDENTS & FAMILIES: Please work with your children on mask wearing over the weekend. All of us are required to wear masks and use the 6 foot social distancing guideline.  You will see six foot social distancing markers (purple paws) as you get closer to the front and Kilgore side of the school.

    If you are in carpool, please remember to stay in your cars until a staff member completes the health screening.  Please have everyone mask up as you approach the health screening areas in carpool. There will be three screening areas marked by cones. A staff member will approach your car to check the child/ren in your car. If passed, your child/ren will open the door and go into the school. If a second temperature is needed, you will be directed to park and wait in a marked car space facing the playground for five minutes. 

    If you are walking, please use the purple paws in the front of the school to social distance.  All of us are required to wear masks and socially distance.  Kindergarten families should line up on the sidewalk closest to the school to the left of the school's front porch by the flagpole.  All other families and independent walkers should line up on the other sidewalks located to the right of the school's front porch by the ramp.

    If your child is riding the bus, please remember to send with your child the Attestation form indicating that you and your child will follow the health and safety rules and procedures for riding the bus. Your child will not be permitted to ride the bus without one. Link: Printable Health Attestation Forms in multiple languages


    Please remember to review the materials we shared with you at our parent presentation nights. The information is posted on our school website. Link:  Parents Information & Presentations about Covid-19 and the 2020-21 school year.  Other helpful information from your WCPSS website is posted below for your convenience.


    Please be patient as we work to steadily improve how we implement our health and safety protocols during our school reopening. We want our students and staff to remain as healthy and engaged in the teaching/learning process as possible as we work through these uncharted times. We firmly believe that by working together, following health guidelines, and communicating regularly, we will successfully navigate this reopening period of time.


    We are excited to see you virtually or in person on Monday!!


    The following helpful information is posted on the WCPSS website.  (https://www.wcpss.net/Page/46263)

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  • Parent Meet, Grounds Day, Spirit Week & More

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 10/16/2020

    Good day Olds Families. This is Dr. Wheeler with several school updates.


    Grounds Day:  Tomorrow is Saturday, Oct. 17th.  PTA is having a “Grounds Day” to spruce up the front of our school, the back fence, and other parts of the school grounds. Please bring weeding equipment, rakes, gloves, scissor, and masks and join us from 9 a.m. to noon.  It will be a chance to see other families and help the school at the same time!


    SPIRIT WEEK:  NEXT WEEK IS SPIRIT WEEK! Yeah!  There is a theme of Bullying Prevention.  Monday, Oct. 19th “Together we can STOP bullying.” Wear your favorite TEAM apparel! Tuesday, Oct. 20th “Put Bullying to Bed!” Wear your PJs. Wednesday, Oct. 21st “Stop Bullying Now.”  Wear orange for national Unity Day for Bullying Prevention. (https://www.pacer.org/bullying/nbpm/unity-day.asp) Thursday, Oct. 22nd “Put a Lid on Bullying.”  Wear your favorite hat or crazy hair day.


    Parent Meet:  We will have the presentation in our Parent Meet series this coming Monday, Oct. 19th, at 6 p.m.  The meet will focus on Returning to School Protocols with an emphasis on health and safety.  The meet will be recorded and posted on our website for any parents/guardians who were not able to attend. Here is the link:  Meeting ID  meet.google.com/fid-apts-xjh


    Asynchronous Learning Day:  Tuesday, Oct. 20th is an asynchronous learning day for students.  You will have classes as usual.  Your teachers will have prerecorded lessons for you to attend.  Teachers will be at meetings all day preparing for students to return to school.


    Materials Distribution & Picture Day:  Wednesday, Oct. 21st is a materials distribution day.  If you are unable to pick up your child’s materials between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., please send someone to do so for you.  Pick up is at the back of the school by the gym doors. Please remember to social distance and to wear masks.  Also, if you signed up for your child’s school pictures, directions for lining up for pictures will be provided when you arrive.  If you did not sign up to have your child’s picture taken yet, please do so through the provided link. (Please locate the link on our various homeschool communication sites.) 

    Picture Day - 10/21/20 - Schedule an Appointment:
    Picture Day ID - EVTJSDPGK
    Order School Pictures: www.mylifetouch.com


    Workday:  Friday, Oct. 23rd is a district workday. No school for students.  Enjoy the day off.


    Medicine:  Plan B students will be returning to school in rotations starting Monday, Oct. 26th.  If you have a child in Plan B who needs to take medicine at school, please call the school at 919-856-7699 or email Mrs. Huntly at ehuntley@wcpss.net to make an appointment to bring the medicine in and hand in the required paperwork (Form 1702, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4R_NBl0T-r-Q3RLN1c2eDg3RlE/view?usp=sharing).  Please note that students are not allowed to have any type of medicine with them personally during the day, not even cough drops. All meds must be distributed in the office.  Thank you.  

    That is all for now. Thank you for your attention and I hope you have a safe, healthy, happy weekend.

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  • Plans, Schedules, Materials Distribution & School Pictures!

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 10/13/2020

    Dear Olds Families,

    Please note the following information for your calendars and planning.

    PLANS - You should have received a school messenger letter confirming your child's learning plan as of October 26th when the school begins to reopen for students.  Please note that a 1 means your child is enrolled in Plan B-Rotation A; a 2 means Plan B-Rotation B, a 3 means Plan B-Rotation C; and finally a 4 means Virtual Academy. If the information you receive is not correct, please contact the office as soon as possible so we can fix the issue. Thank you.

    SCHEDULE CHANGE: Tuesday, October 20th will be an Asynchronous Learning Day. Teachers and staff will be using this time prepare for the re-opening of our school to students. On asynchronous learning days, your child will view instruction and complete assignments in Google Classroom as usual, but your child will not attend any live meets. 

    REMINDER : Wednesday, October 21st is our Materials Pick Up & Picture Day. Second quarter materials are available for pick up between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please arrange to send a friend or family number if you are unable to come.

    PICTURE DAY: Arrangements were made so you could pick up student materials and have your child/ren's SCHOOL PICTURE for the 2020-21 school year taken during the same trip to school. Lifetouch will be at our school on Wednesday, Oct. 21st. You can sign up for a picture timeslot by using the link information posted on your PTA Memberhub site, below in this message, and on our school website under Our School-Principal Message. Please note that Lifetouch needs everyone to make an appointment, walk-ins are not permitted.

    Picture Day - 10/21/20 - Schedule an Appointment:
    Picture Day ID - EVTJSDPGK
    Order School Pictures: www.mylifetouch.com


    Stay safe and stay tuned for more announcements about upcoming school events like Spirit Week over the next couple of weeks!!

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  • Reopening Olds Plan B Survey, Q&A Spreadsheet

    Posted by Mary Anne Wheeler on 10/9/2020

     Greetings Olds Families!

    If you missed the “Plan B Reopening of School” Parent Meet last night, the slides and meet recording are now posted on the Olds Website under the banner "Information About Covid-19 remote learning.”


    We are sending out a “Plan B Return to School” Survey and a “Reopening Olds Question & Answer” spreadsheet so we can hear your voices on these issues.

    If you are a Plan B parent, currently following the purple schedule, PLEASE fill out the Plan B Return to School survey by Sunday, Oct.11th, 5 p.m. This will help us adjust schedules and staffing appropriately.

    All families, please add questions you might have about the reopening of Olds for students on the Reopening Olds Q&A spreadsheet. Questions will be answered on the document. We also will address the concerns and questions you share in upcoming Parent Meets


    Links to the Plan B survey and the Q & A spreadsheet can be found with this message on the PTA memberhub site, School Messenger, your classdojo system, and our Olds website in two places, under Our School – Principal’s Message and with the posted Parent Meet slides located under the banner “"Information About Covid-19 remote learning.”

    Health and safety protocols and questions will be addressed at our next Parent Meet on Monday, Oct.19th at 6 p.m.

    Survey - https://tinyurl.com/PlanBReturn
    Q&A - https://tinyurl.com/ReopenQandA

    Thank you for your continued support!

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