• Visiting Our Campus

    We are always delighted to have parents visit our campus and classroom. In order to ensure the safety and security of our children, we do require that every person who visits our campus register in the office and receive a visitor pass.

    1. All WCPSS staff members are required to wear ID badges.
    2. Parents and all other visitors to campus will sign in at the office and wear a name tag with a name and current date.
    3. Video cameras and locked doors during the school day are utilized to help secure and monitor our campus.  
    4. Emergency plans and procedures are in place.  These plans are reviewed and practiced by staff and students throughout the school year.

    Students Arriving Late or Leaving Early

    When it is necessary for a child to arrive at school after the 9:15 start time, a parent must accompany the child to the office to sign the tardy log. A parent must sign out any child who needs to leave before the end of the school day at 3:45 p.m. We know that it is sometimes necessary to schedule doctor or dental appointments during the school day. When it is possible please make them for after school hours so that your child's instructional day is not interrupted.

    If someone other than the parent has permission to pick up a child, parents must write a note to the office through the classroom teacher. A child will not be allowed to leave school with anyone other than his/her parents unless we have received a note, signed by a parent, stating the name of the person who has permission to pick up the child, and the date for the dismissal. "Anyone other than his/her parents" includes all family members. In an emergency situation, we may accept a phone call from a parent, but keep in mind that we will need to verify the call, which may considerably delay the release of the student.

    Cary Elementary is a SMOKE-FREE campus. Please adhere to this WCPSS policy and help us set a good example for our children.