• Homework Plan

    At Cary Elementary we believe homework is an important part of the educational program.  Homework should be purposeful and an extension of the classroom instruction.  Homework is a tool for practicing taught skills, reinforces responsibility, and can serve as a method of communicating learning to parents.  Wake County policy 5510 is followed.

    Homework is assigned on a regular basis with the exception of weekends unless it is a long-term project with which a time line has previously been established.  Regular completion of homework is expected and those having difficulty with submitting completed work in a timely manner will have it documented in the work habits section of the progress report.  Following standards based grading procedures, homework is not graded for the purpose of adding to a subject grade on the progress report, but can contain feedback for the student and parent. 

    Students develop and work at different rates and a variety of activities are conducted to accommodate this.  Established times are a guide and represent average nightly completion times for an on-task student.  Consistent independent reading is important and is included in the times below.

    • Kindergarten – 15 minutes
    • 1st grade – 20 minutes
    • 2nd grade – 30 minutes
    • 3rd grade – 45 minutes
    • 4th grade – 50 minutes
    • 5th grade – 50 minutes