• Mills Park Middle School

    Mills Park Middle School was born in the spirit of collaboration in 2010 to support the surrounding community.  As the largest middle school in the state, it is important to us that we form personal connections with our students and their families in order to make such a large school feel small.  By building positive relationships we are able to support the Mills Park community in a variety of ways to ensure that all students find their niche and are able to succeed. Mills Park Middle School prides itself on encouraging risk-taking in teaching and learning.  Our teachers plan engaging lessons and activities that integrate the use of technology, hands-on application, and student choice in research.  Students work collaboratively in order to explore the curriculum and the world around them and they frequently exhibit creativity in their demonstration of new learning.  Our mission is to  prepare our students to reach their full potential and lead productive lives in a complex and changing world.

School with flag

    2019-2020 Enrollment

    • Enrollment - 1746
    • Staff - 140


    Established in 2010

    • Enrollment - 1115
    • Staff - 80


    MPMS Mascot

    • Larry Leopard


    School Colors

    • Purple
    • Gold


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    MPMS Motto

    • Born in a Spirit of Collaboration



MPMS Testing History

Year Performance Composite Growth Recognition Performance Recognition
2018-2019 93% Exceeded Growth School Grade: A
2017-2018 90% Exceeded Growth School Grade: A
2016-2017 91% Exceeded Growth School Grade: A
2015-2016 88% Exceeded Growth School Grade: A
2014-2015 85.3% Exceeded Growth School Grade: A
2013-2014 82.4% Met Growth School Grade: B
2012-2013 76.1% New Model New Model
2011-2012 90.7% High Growth Honor School of Excellence
2010-2011 90.6% High Growth School of Excellence