• Morning Carpool Procedures


    • Carpool begins at 8:00 and ends at 8:25 so that students can be at their desk and ready to learn at 8:30.
    • If you arrive after 8:25, you will need to park and walk your child to the front door and sign them in.
    • Walk-ups are now allowed. K-2 may walk their child to the front door and 3-5 may walk them to the gate. Students should not walk unattended through the parking lot.
    • See new carpool route on map below.
    • Staff will not do health screenings at school, parents should screen students at home following WCPSS guidelines.
  • Afternoon Carpool Procedures


    • Please be in the carpool line and ready for dismissal at 3:00. Teachers need to use their planning time to supervise children who are not picked up on time. 
    • Carpool tags should remain visible in passenger window until your child is in the car. First and last name should be written large and clear.
    • Staff members will escort students to cars. Students must be able to buckle their own car seat or seat belt in a timely manner without the driver leaving the vehicle.
    • Walk-ups are now permitted during afternoon carpool! Stand on a sticker holding your carpool sign and a staff member will call for your child. You must wear a mask and leave campus once your child comes out. 


Afternoon Carpool Route
  • Glenwood Avenue from 440- Right onto Wills Forest - Left

    onto Boylan Ave - Left onto Devereux Street- Right onto

    Glenwood Ave