• As we transition back into our school routines, please keep in mind the carpool procedures to ensure safety and consideration for our surrounding neighbors.  We have received complaints regarding drivers speeding, driveways blocked and not allowing residents to exit, cars parked in the carpool lane preventing others from getting around them, parents leaving their cars with doors open to chat with each other, and in general some reports of unkind behavior.   We appreciate you helping us build community with our school neighborhood.  Thank you. 

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  • Morning Carpool Procedures


    • Carpool begins at 8:00 and ends at 8:25 so that students can be at their desk and ready to learn at 8:30.
    • If you arrive after 8:25, you will need to park and walk your child to the front door and sign them in.
    • Walk-ups are allowed. K-2 may walk their child to the front door and 3-5 may walk them to the gate. Students should not walk unattended through the parking lot.
    • See carpool route on map below.
    • Staff will not do health screenings at school, parents should screen students at home following WCPSS guidelines.
  • Afternoon Carpool Procedures


    • Please be in the carpool line and ready for dismissal at 3:00. Teachers need to use their planning time to supervise children who are not picked up on time. 
    • Carpool tags should remain visible in passenger window until your child is in the car. First and last name should be written large and clear.
    • Staff members will escort students to cars. Students must be able to buckle their own car seat or seat belt in a timely manner without the driver leaving the vehicle.
    • Walk-ups are permitted during afternoon carpool. Stand in front of the library window holding your carpool sign and a staff member will call for your child.


Afternoon Carpool Route
  • Glenwood Avenue from 440- Right onto Wills Forest - Left

    onto Boylan Ave - Left onto Devereux Street- Right onto

    Glenwood Ave