School Profile

  • At East Cary Middle School, students receive a quality 21st Century STEM education, as we educate tomorrow’s leaders. Our teachers and instructional support staff, many with advanced degrees and National Board Certification, provide hands-on and differentiated instruction to our students. In core and special classes, students use the latest technologies (interactive white boards, Engineering Design Process,  multi-media presentation applications, online math and reading tools, blogs and wikis, video-conferencing, presentation equipment) in teacher-directed and student-centered instruction. Teachers use a variety of instructional methods (Socratic seminars, hands-on learning, problem-based learning, project based learning, manipulatives, cooperative and collaborative learning) to engage and prepare students. Our campus provides the opportunity for outdoor learning spaces, including our quad, picnic area, and garden.

    Each morning our students start their day with our in-house television announcements, both scrolling news and “live” student-led news. Our students enjoy four core classes, physical education, and two electives (one each semester). Our students have access to a literacy-rich campus, which includes an extensive print collection for both research and leisure reading in our media center, online databases and resources, and classroom libraries. Students have access to our caring and supportive guidance staff, including three counselors, a social worker, and a psychologist.

    East Cary Middle School currently offers students a smaller overall population campus, with many extracurricular clubs and activities. We provide constant communication with parents and students through our school website, individual and team websites, and School Messenger phone updates. Students receive a quality education with our supportive parent-partners and our professional, dedicated staff who endeavor to nurture and educate tomorrow’s leaders every day.