Magnet Program Information

  • Dear Prospective Families,

    East Cary Magnet Middle School The Center for Global Studies and World Languages is the first magnet school of its kind in Wake County Public Schools. Nestled in the heart of the Research Triangle region and located near the future home of the Eastern Cary Gateway, our close proximity will provide students with a unique experience.

    Our Magnet theme covers two major topics: World Languages and Global Studies. Students across all grade levels will celebrate diversity and embrace other cultures through personal experiences that will enhance their cultural awareness. Students will take advantage of many local institutions and organizations that support our focus on world languages and global studies.

    Students are able to choose between Spanish and Mandarin at different levels: Exploratory, Intermediate, and Advanced. Additionally, students will have opportunities to bridge their exposure to Global Studies and World Languages through interdisciplinary connections within their Core and elective classes.

    Each student's linguistic proficiency coupled with cultural knowledge acquisition will enable them to become more responsible members of our global society. Exposure to Global Studies will allow students to examine the impact of global issues on stakeholders from an international lens. Through their study of World Language and Global Studies, students will gain a heightened awareness of other people's views, an understanding of unique ways of life, and a respect for the diversity of multiple perspectives on global issues that our world is facing.

    By the end of a student's 8th grade year, students could earn two high-school credits for World Language, will have gained confidence in themselves, become a more well rounded and poised student equipped with the skills necessary to interact and contribute to the world community in a variety of real situations through multicultural and international perspectives. This is an incredible skill that is a key trait for students to succeed in the 21st century.



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Teikeisha Beddoe

(919) 466-4377

Twitter: @eastcarymiddle

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