Our Ballentine Clubs

  • Chorus

    tree lighting Each semester, students in the 4th and 5th grades have the exciting opportunity to sing in chorus! In chorus, students experience the joys of choral singing with their peers. Our chorus is a non-audition group. Everyone who joins is allowed to participate as long as they follow the chorus expectations.

    Ballentine's chorus rehearses every Wednesday afternoon from 3:45 until 5:00 p.m. They perform holiday shows in the winter and spring for the school and for their friends and family. The Firefly singers also perform at the Fuquay-Varina Christmas Tree Lighting. If you have any question about the Ballentine Firefly Chorus, please contact Jennifer Fruend at jfruend@wcpss.net.

    19-20 Chorus Handbook and Contract

    19-20 Chorus Handbook and Contract (Spanish)

    Glow Patrol

    The Ballentine Elementary GLOW Patrol is a way for students to show leadership in our school. The GLOW Patrol is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students who are dedicated to service, safety, and contributing to a positive school environment. These responsible and dedicated Fireflies serve our school during arrival time and dismissal time. 

    Some GLOW Patrol students serve in the carpool loop, helping to maintain a safe and efficient carpool system. During arrival you will observe GLOW Patrol students opening doors, greeting peers and family members, and assisting younger fireflies as they exit their vehicles with their personal belongings. Likewise, during dismissal, they are helping students enter their vehicles safely and efficiently by opening vehicle doors. 

     We are also fortunate to have GLOW Patrol students who help at the main entrance/exit of the school. During arrival and dismissal these students are welcoming and greeting students and visitors while opening the doors for them. Our GLOW Patrol students at the main entrance help tremendously by contributing to that warm and welcoming Ballentine Elementary culture. 

    Finally, we also have GLOW Patrol students at critical places in the hallways. These GLOW Patrol students help by greeting students, and giving friendly reminders about hallway expectations. 

    We are thankful for this excellent group of student leaders who serve our school.  If you have any questions about the Ballentine Glow Patrol, please contact Greg Hackmann at ghackmann@wcpss.net

    Firefly Friends

    FireflyFriends Ballentine Elementary School is proud to support our Unified Club called Firefly Friends consisting of extension buddies, recess buddies, and carpool buddies. Firefly Friends supports student relationships between our nuero-typical students and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students in third grade through fifth grade support all students in our special program classrooms from the beginning to end of the school day throughout various activities. Our Firefly Friends have built incredible relationships and have become school leaders by supporting and advocating for our students with disabilities in their classrooms.

    Carpool Buddies: Carpool Buddies are fourth and fifth grade students who have been selected by our special programs teachers to assist classrooms during arrival and dismissal times. Students interested in becoming carpool buddies are asked to complete an interest form, sharing examples of ways that they GLOW throughout the school day. 

    Extension Buddies: Unified Extensions creates opportunities for regular education students in the third grade classes to volunteer and participate in the special programs classroom extension time (gym, art, music, enrichment, library). Our Extension Buddies have helped encourage participation in daily lesson activities created by our extension teachers.

    Recess Buddies Students have the opportunity to play outside with our students in the special programs classrooms. Recess buddies model GLOWING behaviors on the playground equipment as well as play outdoor games with all students.