• Students meeting qualifying criteria in grades K‐7 can take advanced academic content in mathematics or English Language Arts through Single Subject Acceleration (SSA). This ensures opportunities for appropriate levels of academic challenge. Only students who are currently enrolled and attending a WCPSS school during the open nomination and testing window are eligible to be considered for SSA.

    Does My Child Qualify?

    SSA allows students to show mastery of content in select elementary or middle school courses. Students who prove mastery do not have to take the course and may move on to the next level.  

    Parents or guardians may nominate their child to skip a grade level of content in either English Language Arts or mathematics.

    Students will be assessed at their school based upon grade level. Depending on grade level and subject, this could include a multiple-choice test and/or a writing sample. Your school will have more specific information about this process once your child is nominated. 

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    Ms. Davis is taking SSA testing requests through 4 PM on Monday 8/31/20.

    Contact her at Jdavis7@wcpss.net