School Profile

  • Forestville has been recognized as a School of Progress for high student growth under the North Carolina accountability model, and was recognized nationally as a Title I School of Distinction.

    At Forestville our core belief is that learning is the right of every student in our care. We believe that all children can succeed and that it is our responsibility to ensure that this happens. As a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support School we recognize the importance of caring relationships and high expectations. They provide the supportive net to catch all students, giving them opportunities to reach their highest potential and soar to new heights as successful Forestville Falcons! Professional Learning Teams are integral to student success. The PLTs work to structure both interventions and enrichment to ensure that all students meet their potential. We are fortunate to have access to the mClass assessment system in reading which provides strategic targeted interventions to ensure the success of each student.

    Title I flexible funding has allowed us to employ a well rounded Core Intervention Team that provides targeted intervention in reading and math during the instructional day. The team actively supports classroom teachers by meeting with them individually, discussing student progress in PLTs, and by modeling lessons in the classrooms. We are also fortunate to have a Literacy Coach and Math Coach who supports teachers and students by pushing into classrooms, teaching model lessons, and supporting grade level teams with planning and assessments. The master schedule has been carefully crafted to incorporate uninterrupted blocks of time for reading and mathematics instruction as well as structured time for individualized student support and enrichment.

    At Forestville, we value the support of our families and parent volunteers. When students, parents and teachers work together as partners, everyone benefits from the outcome. Our broad range of outreach efforts includes conducting home visitations and multi-lingual parent-teacher conferences, as well as hosting parent education nights. Forestville Family Nights offer a fun evening for parents and children to experience hands-on math, science, and literacy activities, and to take home packets of practical learning activities and materials.

    We invite parents to our Awards Assemblies where we celebrate student success and showcase student learning. From students reading original works of writing, singing special songs, and sharing research projects, it is always a treat to see and hear our students share their learning. Students are recognized for Academic Excellence, Outstanding Work Ethic and Academic Improvements through the Falcon's Nest and Super FRES Awards. We feel that it is important to recognize and celebrate the successes of our students.

    Although we are nestled in a small rural community, students at Forestville learn that their actions can make a positive global impact. Grade level teams have sent care packages to soldiers stationed overseas and annually we raise money for Dimes for Diabetes research, host an annual food drive. 

    In addition to the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking, at Forestville we also strive to provide students access to technology tools for learning. Each classroom is equipped with a document camera and projector, SMART Boards, computers, IPADS,  wireless internet, and have access to a variety of interactive web based programs. By making lessons interactive and utilizing technology teachers are able to capture and spark the interest of each child.

    Forestville demonstrates a wide array of strengths including team approaches to teaching and learning, individualized programs for student success, and strong partnerships with the school and community to support the success of every student.