• Exceptional Children's Department

    Special Ed Team  

    Students in the Exceptional Children’s Program are served by Special Education Teachers who are trained to work with students with special needs. Students in our program have a diagnosed disability that impacts their ability to make progress in the general education classroom without the support of special education services.

    Our Special Education Department works as a cooperative and flexible team of professionals who collaborate with individual grade level teachers to meet the curriculum and social needs of the special education students at Forestville Road Elementary. We work to make sure that all teachers understand the individual needs of our special education students and put accommodations in place in the general education classroom to assure that our students have the best opportunity for success in that setting. Our team considers each child’s unique strengths and needs when developing an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) and puts no limits on the dedication we put forth to ensure each student achieves at his personal best.

    We view parents as an integral part of each child’s education and strive to work with parents to provide the best educational opportunities possible for each child we serve. Our goals are to work with each child in order to teach them how to be the best student they can be and to develop their academic skills as well as their social skills.