• Forestville Road Elementary Chorus

    The Forestville Road Elementary chorus is comprised of fourth and fifth grade students who display excellence in music performance.  The purpose of this organization is to teach students musical skills and to help students develop character traits that will enable them to succeed beyond the classroom.  Through the study of music, students come to understand the importance of accountability, perseverance, diligence, and teamwork. Students also learn vocal techniques and performance skills that will prepare them to study choral music at the secondary level. 

    FRES Chorus 2016  
              4th & 5th Grade Chorus Students  

    Forestville Road Elementary Percussion Ensemble

    The Forestville Road percussion ensemble was started in 2013 to give students more opportunities to build music literacy skills.  This ensemble has performed at many events including Stars in the East, Pieces of Gold, and the Knightdale Christmas Tree Lighting. Students in this ensemble are held to a high standard of excellence in music performance and engage in activities that will prepare them for musical study at the middle school level.

    FRES Percussion 2016
            FRES Percussion