• Wake Forest Elementary School PBIS Expectations


    • Use appropriate noice level
    • Use polite language
    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • Accept responsiblity for your actions


    • Take care of equipment during Recess
    • Clean up after yourself duing Lunch
    • Go straight to your destination walking in the hallways
    • Put trash in trash cans in the bathroom
    • During arrival dismissal walk to your destination 

    One person makes a difference

    • Share during Recess
    • Follow adult's directions during Lunch
    • Keep hands to yourself in the hallways
    • Wash your hands in the bathroom
    • During arrival dismissal go straight to your destination

    Comes ready to learn

    • Lines up quickly during Recess
    • Get everything you need first during Lunch
    • Face forward while walking in the hallways
    • Go directly to restroom and back while attending the bathroom
    • Focus on yourself during arrival dismissal 

    Kind and Respectful

    • Keep being a good friend during Recess
    • Keep voice at level 1 during Lunch
    • Keep voice at level 0 walking in the hallways
    • Keep the restroom clean and keep voice at level 0
    • Keep voice at level 0 during arrival dismissal


    • Stay in your area during Recess
    • During Lunch stay in your seat
    • Stay to the right walking in the hallways
    • Stay in correct area in the bathroom
    • Stay to the right during arrival dismissal