• Fifth Grade Flyers


    5th Grade is an exciting year in elementary school, not only is it the last year, it is also a culmination of all the skills learned from previous years and adding in more complexity. Reading: During the course of the year, fifth grade readers make the shift from "learning to read to reading to learn." First and Third quarter focus on Fiction test. Inferences, figurative language, characters and elements of fiction are the topics of study. Second and Fourth quarter we focus on Expository text. We learn about the different types of nonfiction text and how to annotate as we read. Writing: Students write in a variety of styles using correct conventions. The style of writing they will complete during the year are: memoirs, using opinions to persuade others, fantasy, interpretive and informational writing. Social Studies: We study the economy, colonization of America, American Revolution-The Civil War, and the U.S. Government. We integrate majority of the Social Studies units into our Language Arts block. Science: 5th Grade is an E.O.G. testing year in Science. In years past, students studied a variety of science topics but in 5th Grade students will begin to apply science concepts. Our units of study include: Human Body, Ecosystems, Models and Design and Weather Systems.