• Language Tip

    Asking your child questions about school experiences they're having sparks great conversations and language skills.

    • "What challenged your today?"
    • "Who made you smile today?"
    • "Who did you play with at recess?"
    • "What would you rate your day on a scale of 1-10? Why?"
  • Homework Tips

    • Know your child's teachers-and what they're looking for.
    • Set up a homework-friendly area.
    • Schedule a regular study time. 
    • Help your child make a plan.
    • Keep distractions at a minimum. 
    • Make sure kids do their own work.
    • Be a motivator and monitor.
    • Set a good example.
    • Praise your child's work efforts
    • If there are continued problems with homework, contact the teacher for help.
  • Reading Tip

    Encourage your child to read aloud to you often each week. After reading, asking your child to give you a breif explanation of what she read to make sure she can explain the main concepts and make hections between ideas and events.

    More than anything, show your child that you want to read more.  You are the best role model she has.

  • Connecting School & Future

    Talk about different kinds of jobs and careers in your community to help your child understand that school prepares them for a career.

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    Be positive about school. If a parent says "I wasn't good at school" and "I really didn't like school", or "I never liked my math teacher", then this can turn children away from learning.

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