• WCPSS uses Letterland in grades K, 1, and 2 to support students with building a strong foundation with literacy skills, including phonics and spelling.  Letterland is a multisensory, systematic approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling to students. This approach teaches students the basics of word formation and is based on scientific research, specifically regarding how children learn best. It uses interactive, engaging stories, songs, as well as dramatic play to teach students the structure of the English language. For a video overview of why WCPSS has chosen Letterland, click here.


    Families are encouraged to explore the Letterland resources provided below and contact your child's teacher with any additional questions. 


    Family Resources

    Letterland Parent Guide

    Letterland Sound Guide

    Letterland: How does it work?

    Letterland Apps

    Who's Who: Meet the Letterland Characters