Military-Connected Family Resources

  • Welcome to Alston Ridge Elementary School! The men and women who serve in the armed forces and in Non-Defense Uniformed Service are among our most valued assets as a nation and your children deserve the very best WCPSS has to offer. We recognize the unique challenges facing families and students as they transition to a new home and a new school. We have developed this section of our website to provide information about resources available to military-connected families and ways for military families to connect within our school community. We are proud of our accomplishments and are eager to support the military-connected students that bring rich experiences and perspectives into our classrooms. We hope the following resources are helpful to you. 


    • Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission: Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission | NC DPI 

      • The Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission was "formed to support easing transitions for children of military families as they move between states due to their sponsor’s military service."



    • NC National Guard Child & Youth Program: NC National Guard Child and Youth Program | NC DPI.

      • “The mission of the North Carolina National Guard Child and Youth Program is to promote and sustain the quality of life and resilience to over 9,000 NC National Guard children and youth in the state providing secure, timely, flexible, high quality support services and enrichment programs.”


    • School Military Liaison Counselor: School District Military Liaison Counselors | NC DPI

      • “ The mission of the Military Liaison Counselors is to research, develop, and implement programs and practices that will support military students and families in North Carolina.”




    “In an effort to ensure that the unique needs of military-connected students are met, state law requires that schools collect information on military-connected students. The goal is to help accommodate these students by providing them with support and consistency when their parents are deployed, when they are transitioning between schools, and at other pivotal times during their academic career.”  


    Please feel free to reach out to our points of contact, Alston Ridge Elementary School Counselors, Ms. Schaeann Bateman ( and Ms. Jodie Damrauer (, so we can best support your student.