• Bus Service/Behavior

    The Wake County Public School Transportation Office establishes bus stops in our attendance area. If you have a concern or question about your child's designated stop, please contact the Transportation Office at 919-562-3630.

    The same standards of conduct that apply at Pleasant Union apply on the school bus. Students may only ride the bus to which they have been assigned. Only the principal or assistant principal makes bus reassignments when necessary. Please do not make any requests to accommodate birthday parties, slumber parties, afternoon visits, etc., as we will not be able to accommodate these requests. Often, because of rerouting by the Transportation Department, we are unable to determine the number of students riding a given bus until dismissal.

    To assist students in remembering his/her bus route, routes are named by colors. Route color signs and on duty staff assist students in locating the correct bus during dismissal.

    School Bus Safety Rules

    • Arrive on time
    • Board at assigned stops only
    • Stay out of the street
    • Respect the property at which the bus stop is located
    • Wait until the bus is completely stopped
    • Be seated quickly
    • Remain seated
    • Keep your head, arms, and hands inside the bus
    • Do not throw items
    • Talk quietly with friends
    • Remain seated at all times
    • Keep your hands to yourself

    Bus Disciplinary Procedures 

    When a bus driver submits a bus discipline report to a school administrator, the following disciplinary actions occur:

    First Offense

    The administrator discusses the offense with the student and driver and a copy of the report is sent to the parent. Parent phone or school conference is conducted.

    Second Offense

    Student is excluded from the bus for one day and a copy of report is sent to the parent. Parents are contacted by phone by the administrator.

    Third Offense

    Student is excluded from the bus for two days and a copy of report is sent to the parent. The principal and parent will discuss other strategies to solve the bus behavior problems.

    Additional Offenses or Extreme Behaviors

    The administrator determines the length of the suspension. Generally, the suspension is three or more days.