• Arrival

    Our school day begins at 9:15 and ends at 3:45. The first bell rings at 8:45 and the final bell at 9:15. Instruction begins promptly at 9:15 a.m. Students arriving after 9:15 receive a tardy slip prior to entering class.

    Staff members and safety patrol assist with arrival beginning at 8:45 and dismissal at 3:45. Because of safety concerns, parents are not to use cell phones during the drop-off or pick up process. Carpool riders must be dropped off and picked up in the designated area where supervision is provided.

    Morning Carpool:

    • Cars arriving early will line up in a double line.
    • Morning carpool begins at 8:45. The teacher on duty at the top of the hill will wave five cars in one line through, then change and wave five cars through from the other line.
    • Please do not use cell phones while in the carpool line.


    We are prohibited from allowing students to leave campus prior to the end of the school day unless accompanied by their parents or the parents’ designee. If you wish to have your child ride home with another parent, a note to that effect must be sent in or on file in your child’s folder. Check students in and out through the office. Arrival after 12:30 or dismissal before 12:30 will be counted as an absence for the day.

    Please notify the classroom teacher in writing if your child is being dismissed prior to the close of the instructional day for medical or dental appointments. There will be no early dismissals after 3:15 in the afternoon to minimize classroom interruptions at the end of the day.

    In an effort to provide a safe and correct way home for all students, ALL TRANSPORTATION CHANGES MUST BE IN WRITING TO THE TEACHER/SCHOOL.

    Afternoon Carpool:


    • Cars arriving early will line up in a single line until 3:30.
    • Afternoon carpool begins at 3:45. The teacher on duty at the top of the hill will call numbers, alternating one car at a time from each line.
    • Students will wait in the cafeteria and listen for their numbers.
    • When their number is called, students will exit the cafeteria and stand on a purple paw underneath the awning by the carpool loop.
    • If a student does not come outside after their number is called, families may be asked to pull up to the top of the loop, park, and walk inside the cafeteria to locate and sign out their child.
    • Please do not use cell phone while in the carpool line.

      Carpool numbers are distributed in the office and extra carpool tags may be purchased at the school store for $3.00.

      Carpool dismissal begins at 3:40 and is usually completed by 4:05. Please be considerate of staff on duty and pick up your child on time. Bus and van students will be dismissed at 3:45 to be picked up from the bus circle.