• Adams Elementary is a welcoming and secure learning community that provides every student with the academic, social, and creative foundations needed to become productive citizens.

    Adams Year-Round Elementary is a place where continuous learning, student achievement, and high performance are the top priorities.

    Our school community works together to demonstrate the essential skills of character, academics, and a lifelong commitment to learning.

    Diversity is encouraged and celebrated in our school. Through a variety of experiences, students are taught to understand and include students with special needs.

    Coming together from a variety of educational backgrounds, the staff shares the common vision of being professional life-long learners through continuous staff development.

    Teachers, staff, and students understand the curriculum, have open lines of communication, and develop appropriate programs. Instructional support services are provided, as needed, to insure student success.

    Our staff, parents, and community provide and maintain a safe and child-centered learning environment.