• The Adams Elementary carpool system is an effective one.  In order to be successful again this year, we ask that you review the following rules that help facilitate a smooth and efficient carpool rotation:                           

    • All students arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon in a private vehicle must use the carpool system.  If your student is being dropped off after 9:15am or picked up before 3:15pm, you must park and sign in/out in the office.  All dismissals after 3:15 will go through carpool. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • If your student is a regular afternoon carpooler, you MUST display the white plastic tag from the rearview mirror of your car.  Cars in the carpool line without a white plastic carpool tag will be asked to park and you will have to retrieve your student from the front office.  This is for the safety of our students at Adams.  If your student is not normally a carpooler, but has a transportation note (given to his/her teacher that day), a white plastic carpool tag is not necessary.
    • While in the carpool rotation, remain in order and follow the directions of all staff members.  Do not attempt to create your own line or rotation. Follow the traffic pattern through the Miracle League Field parking lot.  Do not attempt to cut through the main parking lot to avoid part of the line.  Pull all the way forward when you reach the front of the building.  Students will be assisted to their cars at the colorful airplanes near the cafeteria door.
    • Students being dropped off in the morning should be dropped off through the carpool line.  After the first week of school, please do not park and then walk your child across traffic to enter school.  Walking children across carpool traffic creates a dangerous situation and a back-up in the flow of traffic.
    • Please have children sit on the right side of the vehicle so that they may step out right onto the sidewalk to enter school.  Exiting on the left side of the car creates a dangerous situation. 
    • Make sure students are ready to exit the car when they approach the front of the building.  Breakfast should already be finished, goodbyes should have been said, and lunch money and notes to the teacher should already have been distributed. 
    • We ask that you refrain from using your cell phone while the carpool line is moving.  The safety of the students is our biggest priority.  Parents distracted by cell phones create a dangerous situation for the children.
    • You may request additional copies of your carpool number (white plastic tag) if you have more than one vehicle that will be coming through the carpool line.  Simply send a note to your child’s teacher with the request.  Remember that a car without a white plastic tag will be asked to park.

    These procedures are simple and have proven to be quite effective.  By following them you help to assure a quick and safe dismissal for the students of Adams.  Thank you!