• DMV Eligibility Certificates (DEC) are issued to the parents/guardians or students through the Front Office. (See below for information)


    DECs are only valid for 30 days. Students are only eligible to receive a DEC when they have obtained a Driver's Education Completion Certificate and passed 70% of their classes last semester. 

    Per NC Legislation, students are required to have passed 70% or 3 out of 4 classes last semester in order for a Driving Eligibility Certificate to be issued. 
    NC Legislation requires a student's permit be revoked if the student is unable to maintain adequate progress towards graduation (passing 70% of all courses as determined by first semester and second semester grades....not quarter grades) or if a student drops out of school.



    Fuquay Varina High School Students -
    Step 1 - The student's parent/guardian, or the student, will drop off the DEC at the front desk after 7am.   
    Step 2 - The student's parent/guardian, or the student, will pick up the DEC at the end of the school day before 2:30pm.
    *DEC's are issued with the current address WCPSS has on file for the student. If you have moved you will need to complete a school assignment form (2805) and provide a current gas, water or electricity bill in the parents/guardian's name. 
    Home School/ Online School Students - If the student is enrolled in Home School or in a private school, you can follow this link for more information: https://ncadmin.nc.gov/divisions/non-public-education/student-driver-eligibility-certificates






    If  the student is an online student, follow this link for more information:
    Students who live in North Carolina but attend out-of-state boarding schools, out-of-state conventional day schools, or out-of-state military base conventional schools - A student who has permanent residency in North Carolina but attends such out-of-state schools shall receive his/her DEC from the North Carolina public high school which he/she would otherwise be attending must provide the following documentation:
    • Proof of residency within the school's district;
    • Students Birth Certificate;
    • A letter on the out-of-state school's letterhead stating that the student is "currently enrolled in this school" and that he/she is "making academic progress toward high school graduation";
    • A transcript/report card indicating the latest semester grades earned in the out-of-state school.