• Student Expectations

    Attendance in school is central to educational achievement and school success. School
    attendance is required by state law for all children between the ages of seven (7) and sixteen
    (16). Parents must ensure that students attend and remain in school daily.
    The principal must assure adherence to attendance rules and regulations and notify parents of
    their responsibility under the compulsory attendance law. The teacher must monitor and report
    student absences on a daily and class basis and follow all rules and regulations concerning
    To be counted present a student must be in attendance at least one-half of the student school day.
    This shall include attendance at official school activities at a place other than school with the
    approval of the principal. A student shall be in his/her assigned area at the beginning of the
    school day and the beginning of each class or be recorded as tardy.

    To be counted present:
    1. A student must be present for at least half of a class period to be counted present for that

    2. A student must be present for at least 2 class periods to be counted present for the day.
    An absence is excused if the following conditions exist:

    A. Illness or injury which makes the student physically unable to attend

    B. Isolation ordered by the State Board of Health or the Wake County Health

    C. Death in family.

    D. Medical, dental, or other appointment with a health care provider for the
    student or for a child for whom the student is a custodial parent.

    E. Court when a student is under subpoena.

    F. Religious observance, as suggested by the religion of the student or the
    student's parents.

    G. Participation in a valid educational opportunity, such as travel with prior
    approval, as documented on the "Request for Excused Absence for
    Educational Reasons."

    H. A catastrophic event or natural disaster.

       Absences not classified as excused delineated above are unexcused. The student is responsible
    for submitting a note signed by the parent citing the reason for an absence to the principal's
    designee within two (2) days of the student's return to school. Failure to comply with the above
    will result in the absence being unexcused.

    Parent Notification:
    The principal’s designee will notify parents when a student has accumulated the following
    absences from individual classes at 3 days, 5 days, and 7 days and 10 day intervals.

    Make Up Work:
    Excessive absences will have serious academic consequences and may result in class or gradelevel

       For all absences, the student shall make up all work in a timely manner at the convenience of the
    teacher. The make-up work may be specific material missed by the student, reinforcement, or
       Absences are considered excessive when students exceed 7 days per semester. Excessive
    absences place students in academic risk for failing their classes. Students must demonstrate
    mastery of class skills and objectives based on the teacher’s evaluation using the following

    1.) Knowledge of the curriculum of the class as defined by the North Carolina
    Standard Course of Study.

    2.) Prompt and successful completion of coursework the student missed while absent. This
    may include after-school or lunch time study session with a teacher.

    **Students who skip or otherwise fail to attend all scheduled classes regularly are subject to
    immediate disciplinary action.**
    The comprehensive FVHS attendance policy and procedures can be found on pages 5-11 in the
    student handbook.