• Longview School Business Alliance

    The Longview School Business Alliance provides an opportunity for the business community to help prepare students for what lies ahead in the career world. The Business Alliance provides opportunities for students to “experience” a connection between education and the career world through events, activities, and on-the-job experience.

    We’re looking for business people to help. Your support can take many forms.  Chances are good that you and your company’s unique resources can help build our Alliance. 


    Mission and Vision

    Mission - To provide support and workplace realities for teachers and students.

    Vision - A collaboration of business and school leaders working together to form a partnership to provide career exploration activities for students/families and staff.


    Business Alliance Chairperson



    Business Alliance Planning Members

    A team of 8 – 12 members who work together to plan and implement career events for students. Business Alliance Planning members are the backbone of the organization, providing a critical link between the professional world of careers and high school students. Members typically meet monthly at the school to work on developing meaningful career activities.


      Business Alliance Events

      Events may include:

      • Financial Simulation Activity - teach students the financial skills needed to manage their lives successfully
      • Career Conversations – speak with students about your career
      • Soft Skills Training- help train students in essential communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills
      • Career Fair- represent your profession at the career fair
      • Resume Reviews - meet with students and/or classes to give a short presentation on resume development and review resumes
      • Mock Interviews- provide practice interview sessions for students
      • Job Shadowing opportunities for students -2-3 hour short visits to your workplace by a student
      • Internships – In-depth work with a student to introduce them to your career. 135-hour participation with a student
      • Entrepreneurship mentoring- work with students to help them better understand the principles and practices of entrepreneurship