• Evaluate every step of the way

    Do you...

    • Still like your research question?
    • Have enough information?
    • Need to look up more for part of your topic?
    • Need to narrow your topic?
    • Need to organize your information?
    • Need to put information into your own words?
    • Know what your final product will look like?
    • Have all your sources cited?
    • Have any errors you need to correct?



    During the Wonder stage, you should...

      • activate thinking
      • generate curiosity
      • build background information
      • develop questions

    These resources may help:



    During the Investigate stage, you should...

      • find sources
      • construct meaning from text, graphics, multimedia
      • record information in your own words

    These resources may help:




    During the Synthesize stage, you should...

      • connect ideas
      • organize your information
      • build meaning
      • identify relationships
      • draw conclusions

    These resources may help:




    During the Express stage, you should...

      • share your work with others
      • show understanding of material
      • rehearse and practice (if necessary)
      • polish your work
      • use feedback to revise your work
      • cite your sources (NCSU Citation Builder)

    Your final product could be:

      • an essay
      • a poster
      • an eBook
      • a podcast 
      • a virtual museum
      • a video (Use green screen, do a newscast, etc.)
      • a display
      • a model
      • a presentation

    You may want to use:

      • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings
      • Book Creator
      • iMovie
      • Scratch
      • Flipgrid
      • QR code links and/or Augmented Reality