• Zones of Regulation


    Goal: Students Will Be Able to Identify How They Feel and Determine Their Zone.


    There Is No Bad Zone; It’s Okay to Be in Any Zone, We Just Need to Be Able to Regulate Once We Get to That Zone. Students May Not Have Strategies to Regulate yet. We Want Them to Be Able to at Least Identify, I Feel ___ and so I Am in ___ Zone.


    Overview of the Zones of Regulation

      • Blue Zone - Body Is Running Slow, Such As When You Are Tired, Sick, Sad, or Bored

      • Green Zone - like a Green Light, You Are “Good to Go;” You May Feel Happy, Calm, or Focused

      • Yellow Zone - Proceed with Caution and Slow down; You’re Beginning to Lose Control Such As When You Are Frustrated, Overwhelmed, Silly, Etc.

      • Red Zone - You Are out of Control, Having Trouble Making Good Decisions, and Must Stop; Uncontrolled Anger, Aggression, Etc.



    Self Regulation Resource for Parents/Guardians