• wildcat Walnut Creek Elementary School

    Title 1 Family Engagement Policy 2019-2020

    Policy Engagement: The voices of our families are important, and to be successful, we need your feedback. In order to hear from you all regarding our Title I Family Engagement Policy we will: 

    Provide you information about being a part of a Title I school during Family Academic events
    Send a copy of the policy home, with a form where feedback can be provided

    Shared Responsibilities for High Student Achievement: The shared responsibility expectations are reflected in our Home-School Compact. 

    Building Capacity for Engagement: Supporting both our families and staff in growing their capabilities for engagement is crucial to our success. In order to ensure this, we will:

    Hold family academic events at least once per quarter.
    Student data and/or materials that support student growth will be shared.
    Invite parents to attend quarterly Award’s Day programs to celebrate student achievement. This includes academic and behavioral growth.
    Coordinate parent groups that foster parent to parent and parent to staff connections.
    Empower families through Family Engagement Committee initiatives.
    Provide professional development to our staff that is responsive to the results of the annual Title I Family Survey.
    Create flexible times to meet with families. 

    Accessibility: Through the building of relationships with our families, we will learn how to best meet their needs for engagement with Walnut Creek Elementary School.

    English and Spanish Home-School Compacts