• Following these simple procedures will result in a smooth, safe, and efficient traffic pattern for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation and courtesy. 


    • Each participating family must complete a Carpool Application Form. Once you have completed the form, your family will be issued a carpool number.  There is one number per family. 
    • All regular carpool students must be dropped off and picked up at the front carpool loop. For safety, NO students are to be dropped off in parking lots or across the street.
    • School personnel will open the car doors and assist students into and out of the cars. Please be sure your children know how to fasten and unfasten the seatbelt /car seat so they can enter and exit the car quickly.
    • It is very helpful and the safest for students to exit from the passenger side of cars.
    • DO NOT pass stopped cars in the carpool loop.
    • Please be patient for the first three weeks of school as our students, staff, and families are learning our carpool procedures. 

    Morning Drop-off Procedures

    • Morning carpool drop-off will begin at 8:45 am when school personnel are in the carpool loop to supervise students. DO NOT DROP OFF CHILDREN PRIOR TO THE APPEARANCE OF THE ADULT SUPERVISORS.
    • Pull forward as far as you can to the front of the carpool loop.
    • Please have your children and their belongings ready to get out of your car on the passenger side. This will keep the drop-off moving smoothly and safely.

    Afternoon Pick-up Procedures

    • Your carpool number must be prominently displayed in your front window. If someone other than you is picking up your child, they MUST have the carpool tag.  (If your number is not displayed, you will need to park and check your children out in the front office. NO EXCEPTIONS.)
    • As cars arrive at the school they must to go to the END of the carpool line. Breaking in line only results in students being lined up incorrectly, which makes dismissal take longer.  Be kind and join the end of the line!
    • School personnel will be walking down the line of cars determining the order in which students should line up.
    • School personnel will line up students in order and call them to the carpool loop paws. Please stress to your children that it is extremely important that they know and listen for their carpool number.
    • Please do not get out of your car while in the carpool line.
    • School personnel will direct students to a colored paw and will help the children get in their cars.
    • If cars ahead of you have left, but your child has not yet appeared in the carpool loop, continue moving forward to the front of the line to allow room for those behind you to pull forward and pick up their children.
    • Students must be picked up by 4:15 pm. Following this time, parents will need to park and check students out from the main office.  

    If you have any questions at all, please know that you can speak with us at any time


    • Principal:  Jesse Gore                                                                      
    • Email:
    • Number: 919-857-9500        
    • Fax: 919-857-9519