• Here is how VA families can use the Quick Look Up/Parent & Student Portal to View Classes at Other Schools:

    On the Quick Lookup page on the Parent/Student Portal Grades and Attendance Page, grades from all schools may be viewed. There will be a tab for the student's home/base school and a tab for any other school(s) where they are enrolled in sections.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Virtual Academy Students

    August 2021


    Q: How Do Virtual Academy Students Enroll in Courses? /

    What If I Don't Have a Full Schedule? / What If I Think I’m Enrolled in the Wrong Course?

    A: Students must contact their school counselor for help. Schedule changes can only be made by the scheduling team at the student’s home school. Please be aware that some courses may not be available. Counselors know their students best, and can let students know if a course change is possible, and also whether they would advise the change. Virtual Academy staff cannot make changes to students’ course schedules.


    Q: How Do Virtual Academy Students Get Regular Program Information and Updates?

    A: Please join the “Virtual Academy Homeroom” Canvas Course, and check back often for updates. Use this URL to join: https://wcpss.instructure.com/enroll/GB4MKE


    Q: Where Do Students Find Their Schedules?

    A: Student schedules are found in PowerSchool. Students may log in to PowerSchool at this URL: https://my.ncedcloud.org/ (Links to an external site.)


    Q: Who Teaches Virtual Academy Courses?

    A: In Fall Semester 2021, there are three types of teachers leading our Virtual Academy courses. They are:

    WCPSS Virtual Academy Teachers - teachers employed by WCPSS and assigned to teach online in the Virtual Academy;
    WCPSS Pay-for-Planning Teachers - teachers employed by WCPSS to teach in the district’s in-person schools, who have also agreed to teach a Virtual Academy course; and,
    North Carolina Virtual Public School Teachers (NCVPS) - teachers employed through NCVPS, who have been contracted to teach their NCVPS courses to Virtual Academy students.

    Q: How Can I Tell if a New Course is Taught by a WCPSS Teacher, or a NCVPS Teacher?

    A: First, double-check the student’s schedule in PowerSchool. Students may log in to PowerSchool using this URL: https://my.ncedcloud.org/ (Links to an external site.)

    Some schools have noted NCVPS courses on their student schedules by marking the NCVPS course names with a tag like with “NCVPS.” If this is the case, it’s fairly easy to tell the difference.

    Other schools have not done so yet but will soon. In this case, it will likely be necessary to contact the student’s school counselor to determine which courses are taught by WCPSS teachers, and which are taught by NCVPS teachers.


    Q: What Time Does Live Instruction Take Place? /

    What is the Daily Schedule for Virtual Academy?

    A: Whether live instruction is offered daily in each course depends on whether the course is taught by a WCPSS teacher or an NCVPS teacher (see above).

    Courses taught by any WCPSS teachers have one hour of daily live instruction, according to the following schedule:

    Block 1 – 7:45-8:45 am
    Block 2 – 9:15-10:15 am
    Block 3 – 10:30-11:30 am
    Block 4 – 1:00-2:00 pm
    Courses taught by NCVPS teachers typically do not have daily live instruction, and are mostly asynchronous, meaning students complete most assignments at their own pace during the day. NCVPS courses do not follow the live instruction schedule above. However, there is still a real teacher leading the course, grading student work, and available for questions.


    Q: Why Don’t All My Courses Show Up in Canvas? / How Do I Get to My Courses? /

    How Do I Contact My Teacher?

    To answer these questions, the student should first get their updated course schedule from PowerSchool (see above). Then, it is very important that the student determine whether each class is taught by a WCPSS teacher or a NCVPS teacher (see the “three types of teachers” above). After that, they are ready to locate their courses and teachers online.

    If the course is taught by a WCPSS teacher, and it does not already appear on the student’s list of courses in Canvas when the student is logged in through their WakeID Portal, the student should contact their teacher directly to ask that the teacher add the student to the online course. Here is a list of email addresses of WCPSS teachers in Virtual Academy Fall Semester 2021 (Links to an external site.). If your teacher’s name does not appear on this list, please contact the Virtual Academy staff (see below) for help contacting the teacher.

    If the course is taught by a NCVPS teacher, then the student must log in to the NCVPS Portal to access the online course. Students with NCVPS classes can log in to NCVPS using the URL https://ncvps.instructure.com/login/canvas/Links to an external site. (see below).


    Q: How Do I Log in to NCVPS? / How Do I Get My NCVPS Login Information?

    A: Students with NCVPS classes can log in to NCVPS at the URL https://ncvps.instructure.com/login/canvas/.Links to an external site.

    NCVPS login information can only be provided by students’ school counselors. Typically, counselors email this information to students as soon as they register them for Virtual Academy courses. First, double-check your WCPSS email and junk mail folder to see if your NCPVS login information has already been emailed to you by your school. Then, if you can’t find it, contact your school counselor to ask for your NCPVS login information again.


    Q: How Do I Use Canvas?

    A: Visit the “Canvas Support for Students” section of the “Virtual Academy Homeroom” Canvas Course for help. Use this URL to join: https://wcpss.instructure.com/enroll/GB4MKE


    Q: What Do I Do If I Have Technology Issues or Questions?

    A: First, if possible, contact your teacher for help. Here is a list of email addresses of WCPSS teachers in Virtual Academy Fall Semester 2021 (Links to an external site.). If you cannot reach your teacher, or if your teacher is unable to help, please contact the WCPSS Student Help Desk by telephone at (919) 664-5700.


    Q: What If I Have Questions Not Answered Here?

    Contact the Virtual Academy Staff!

    For help with year-long courses, contact Assistant Principal Austin Morris (wamorris@wcpss.net).
    For help with semester-long courses, contact Assistant Principal Chanin Lacy-Garner (clacy-garner@wcpss.net).

    Things to Know for Fall 2021 Virtual Academy


    Please make sure you have SELF-ENROLLED in the Virtual Academy Homeroom Course in Canvas: https://wcpss.instructure.com/enroll/GB4MKE 


    Questions about Virtual Academy? Submit them here.

    This information was shared with students enrolled in the VA Homeroom (if you haven't self-enrolled, please make sure you do that ASAP!):

    We are aware of issues you might be having with logging in to classes. These glitches are to be expected during the first week of school, and we are working diligently to resolve this matter. 

    As we previously shared, we have transitioned a number of courses to NCVPS courses with a certified teacher. We are working to complete those enrollments as quickly as possible.  Students who have an NCVPS course have received an email / message through Canvas this afternoon to inform next steps.

    Again, we ask for your patience. If you have not received login information by Friday, Aug. 27, please reach out to your school. 

    Finally, it is important to know that you will not be counted absent if you have not been able to log in to a course until these issues are resolved.

    We will continue to post updates as they are available.


    Familias de las Escuelas Secundarias en la Academia Virtual de WCPSS:

    Estamos al tanto de los problemas que su hijo podría tener al iniciar sesión en las clases. Estas fallas son de esperar durante la primera semana de clases y estamos trabajando diligentemente para resolver este asunto.

    Como compartimos anteriormente, hemos realizado la transición de varios cursos a cursos de NCVPS con un maestro certificado. Estamos trabajando para completar las inscripciones en dichos cursos lo más rápido posible.

    Una vez que se completen dichas inscripciones, el personal de la escuela les proporcionará a los estudiantes la información de acceso a esos cursos. Los maestros de NCVPS trabajarán con los estudiantes para asegurarse de que tengan acceso a todo el contenido necesario para tener éxito en el curso.

    Mientras tanto, su estudiante tiene acceso a través de su Wake ID a su clase principal (homeroom) por medio de Canvas en la Academia Virtual. Los estudiantes recibirán notificaciones por correo electrónico sobre las actualizaciones compartidas en esta clase a través de conversaciones y anuncios del curso.

    Nuevamente, solicitamos su paciencia. Si su hijo no ha recibido su información de inicio de sesión antes del viernes 27 de agosto, comuníquese con su escuela para que le proporcionen dicha información.

    Por último, es importante saber que su hijo no se contará como ausente si no puede iniciar sesión en un curso hasta que se resuelvan estos problemas. 

    Must Do's


    Look for a welcome letter from your child’s Virtual Academy teacher that includes:

    • A teacher introduction (your child may have a teacher from another WCPSS school or an NCVPS teacher)
    • Information about accessing Canvas
    • Information about live meeting times for each class (these may have to be adjusted slightly based on the class times at each teacher’s base school)
    • A supply list
    • Contact information 

    Important Info

    Instructional Materials pick up

    • If there are materials for you to pick up, they will be distributed at your child’s base school.
    • Knightdale High School does not have any materials to distribute at this time. We will communicate with you if/when we have materials for pick up.