6th Grade Registration Information - English

  • 6th Grade Registration Parent Information 



    Important Dates: 

    By March 16th - Elective worksheets DUE to Homeroom teacher 

    March 20th  April 14th – Online Registration at school in small groups with Mrs. Beck and Mrs. McNeill 

    March 31st  Math Placement Waiver Forms DUE to homeroom teachers to be approved by Mrs. Miller 

    April 24th-28th Completed Core Course Recommendation and Elective request sheets sent home  

    May 1st-5th– Elementary schools send all information to middle schools  


    Core Courses – Rising sixth grade students will be placed in their four core courses and any support services that are received (IEP, 504, ESL). These courses include 6th grade English/Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies, Science, and Math. Initial math placements are made based on the most recent EOG (ex: for rising 6th graders, this will be the 4th Grade EOG since they have not yet taken the 5th Grade EOG). At the end of the school year, any current EOG scores and final course grades may be reviewed to determine if a change in placement is necessary. Students will be placed in either 6th Grade Math OR Math 6 Plus. Your child’s math course placement is listed below. Math placement guidelines can be found at www.wcpss.net/msmath. Compacted Math is not a placement or waiver option during the Registration process. This decision can only be made by the Middle School.  


    Math Placement Waivers (optional) – If you wish to submit a waiver for your child to take a math course, higher or lower than they are recommended to take, you must submit a 2022-2023 Middle School Math Placement Parent Waiver Form to Mrs. Miller by Tuesday, March 31st. These forms may be found on the Lacy Website. Advanced math placement (formerly compacted) will be selected based on EOG data. We do not accept waivers for Advanced Math. However, if a parent wishes to waive up to 6 Plus, they can certainly do so.  


    2022-23 Middle School Math Placement Parent Waiver Form


    2022-23 Middle School Math Placement Parent Waiver Form - Spanish


    Elective Courses – Your child will be able to select elective courses. These courses are not required subject areas like ELA and Math, but instead are optional courses that may be of interest to your child. Elective options and descriptions can be found on www.wcpss.net/rising6th by selecting the assigned middle school. An elective worksheet is included for you and your child to complete to prepare for online registration at school. Mrs. Beck and school staff will work with students in small groups using their completed elective worksheets to register in Powerschools.  


    Registration Process 

               Students turn in completed Elective worksheet to their Homeroom teacher BY March 16th

    • Students will use their completed elective worksheets to complete the ONLINE Registration at school March 20th-April 14th
    • Core Course Recommendation and Elective Request sheet will be sent home the week of April 24th-April 28th


    We look forward to supporting your child during this exciting transition to middle school. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Beck, Lacy School Counselor at rbeck@wcpss.net or 919-881-4920 Ext. 23388.