Student Support

Below states the information of the Special Education Team. The information will also include any other extracurriculars that these talented individuals commit to. The individuals listed serve in either special education (SPED) or student services
Teacher Support Area Teaching Platform Class Code Extra Curriculars Department Site
Mr. Herb Thames ISS/ALC Canvas Men's Basketball Head Coach, FCA Coordinator Alternative Learning Center
Ms. Danielle Purcell School Counselor-8th Grade Google Classroom TBD N/A Student Services
Ms. Betsy Davis Literacy Essentials Google Classroom PD2:wg4zttc PD4:gsvubzm PD5:7alilkf PD6:uj4b3fo PD7:oja2ujy N/A Special Programs N/A
Ms. Jaimonye Farrington School Counselor-7th Grade N/A Student Services
Mr. Billy Lewis School Counselor-6th Grade
Ms. Jennifer Dowell Reading Intervention
Mr. Kevin Lauenstein Math Intervention
Ms. Jessica Ryan BST/ASD
Ms. Nadia Thomas Special Programs
Ms. Jessica Moore Special Programs
Ms. Lisa Vedock Special Programs
Ms. Seda Yaral Limited English Proficiency
Ms. Shehla Awan Limited English Proficiency

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