Student Support

Below states the information of the Special Education Team. The information will also include any other extracurriculars that these talented individuals commit to. The individuals listed serve in either special education (SPED) or student services
Teacher Bio Teaching Platform Class Code Extra Curriculars Department Site
Mr. William Teem (6yrs) -Born and raised in Raleigh, ECU Alum, a fan of all things Duke and Chicago sports, enjoys golf, bike riding, and staying active Google Classroom PD3:qdc4qho PD4:5stmbfg PD6:mewys3v Assistant Football Coach SPED
Mr. Rob Winzeler (11yrs) Started teaching in Hawaii. A big fan of the Big 10 (MSU) Teaching is a second career after 20 years in the hospitality industry. I was a swimmer, diver, and tennis player in High School. I also enjoy beaches, mountains, and camping. Google Classroom TBD School Improvement SPED
Mr. Herb Thames (31yrs) ECSU Alum, an avid fisherman, love to coach and study the bible, fanatic for UNC and anything Boston Canvas Men's Basketball Head Coach, FCA Coordinator Alternative Learning Center
Ms. Kali Abu-Sharr (3yrs) UNC Alum (Go Heels!), from Washington, D.C. but love my new home in North Carolina, love shopping at Target and Michaels for crafting, I enjoy knitting and cross-stitching (currently making a sweater and a blanket), I try to be outdoors as much as possible and love to hike with my dog, Kiera. Google Classroom TBD N/A Student Services
Mr. Casey Erklin Northern Illinois University Alum(Go Huskies!), I am married and have 3 daughters. I also have a german shepherd puppy, 2 cats, a hamster, and a lizard! I lived in the Chicago area which is my home town, but I've lived all over this country during my life. I spent about 10 years working in the TV/ Film Industry Google Classroom nrhprdr Remind: erklin20 SPED Please use the Google Classroom codes for your corresponding class period.
Ms. Betsy Davis (34yrs) I'm a proud graduate of ECU, Go Pirates and you can find me at Dowdy-Ficklen in the fall for football and Clark-LeClair in the spring for baseball!! When not in school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends at the ocean or playing card games. Google Classroom PD2:wg4zttc PD4:gsvubzm PD5:7alilkf PD6:uj4b3fo PD7:oja2ujy N/A SPED N/A
Ms. Linda Shelton (11yrs) Crafting life: Hobby Lobby/Michaels, anything dogs, Panthers Football, and sipping on some tea (sweet tea or hot) Google Classroom qvrti5v N/A SPED N/A
Ms. Lori Lewis SPED
Ms. Cynthia Oatley (25yrs) Target is life! Google Classroom PD5:g66im3l PD6:7zsf7o7 Geocaching ESL
Ms. Genevieve Reddy (16yrs) originally from Wisconsin, mom of a 4-year-old son, love learning about all cultures Google Classroom PD1:vv6r3og PD2:spws7aa NBCT ESL

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