World Languages - Spanish

  • Beginning Spanish is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture. Major topics include greetings, colors numbers, classroom objects, the calendar, telling time, weather expressions, the house, transportation vocabulary, feelings, animals, foods, questions and interrogatives, the family, holidays, art and clothing. Available for grades 6-8.
    Intermediate Spanish continues the study of the Spanish language and culture, refining grammatical and vocabulary topics. Major topics include foods, the present tens of -er and -ir verbs, the plurals of adjectives, the verb ser, the verb ir, the question words, places, leisure activities, irregular verbs, possessive adjectives, family, celebrations, the restaurant, and personal descriptions. Students who successfully complete this course should continue the Spanish curriculum series for high school credit by taking Spanish I. Prerequisite: Beginning Spanish. Available for grades 6-8.
    Spanish I course (year-long course) enables students to strengthen and reinforce the skills acquired in the earlier levels by increased use of Spanish and further refinement of grammatical structures. Students who complete this course successfully and who pass the final exam (worth 20% of the overall grade) may take Spanish II at the high school level. Prerequisite: Beginning & Intermediate Spanish. Available for grade 8.