About Our Mascot

  • THE VOTES ARE IN. . . 

    WITH 71% OF THE VOTE, OUR STUDENTS VOTED TO NAME OUR MASCOTSPLASH.  Our sea turtle's name, "Splash," because...

    • We "Splash" into learning because we believe learning is fun.
    • We are comfortable taking risks to learn!
    • The reward for taking those risks is that we learn to understand our world, community and people!

    The sea turtle is our mascot. We know sea turtles do not live at a lake.  However, we plan to do what others believe impossible at “The Lake.”  

    • We firmly believe ALL students can exceed projected growth and demonstrate their academic proficiency at high levels!  
    • We believe in the family support sea turtles show for each other when they emerge from their nest!
    • We believe South Lakes Elementary can be a home, like a sea turtle nest, that our students will want to come back to every year.
    •  We believe, like a sea turtle’s nest, we will provide a safe and nurturing place where all of our students can learn and grow.
    • We believe in the power of fun!  Sea turtles at The Lake?  Why not!!!  ;) 
    • We believe in the impact we can have on the world.  We know the lakes in North Carolina flow into rivers and tributaries, which then flow into the sea.  What starts at The Lake can change everything!  What we do extends beyond our own backyard!  Together, WE can change the world!    

    Our three school colors will be green, blue and orange. The sea turtle green was an easy and natural choice! To honor the schools where most of our students were assigned before South Lakes, we selected one color each from the school colors of Fuquay Varina Elementary, blue, and Willow Springs Elementary, orange.  While green, blue & orange will be the main colors seen on our mascot, you will see turtles with different color combinations on their shells. We want everyone at South Lakes to be “comfortable in their own shell.”  






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