• Identification Process

    • Gifted education is provided for students who consistently perform above grade level and demonstrate a need for additional rigorous academic differentiation in kindergarten through grade twelve.

      Multiple criteria are used for identification and include both formal and informal indicators.

      The School-Based Committee for Gifted Education (SBCGE) reviews formal and informal indicators for all nominations to determine which students should be referred for additional assessments:

      • Students referred for additional assessments prior to their taking the CogAT in third grade will be evaluated by the AIG psychologist.
      • Nominations for 3rd grade are reviewed once CogAT and Iowa scores are available. Students are referred on the basis of these scores.
      • Students who are referred by the SBCGE in grades 4– 12 are administered the CogAT and Iowa during established testing windows. Contact the AIG teacher and/or administration for testing window dates.

    Formal Indicators

    • Grades K-2 individual assessments
    • Grades 3-12 norm-referenced assessments in aptitude, i.e. Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) and achievement, i.e. Iowa Assessments (Iowa).

    Informal Indicators

    • Teacher and parent checklists
    • Performance indicators (i.e. academic grades in reading/language arts and mathematics, writing samples, North Carolina End-of-Grade and North Carolina End-of-Course tests, student progress on grade level standards in literacy and math)
    • Student work portfolios
    • Any other available student data.
    • Prior to the 3rd Grade, students may be AIG identified if the following criteria are met:

      • A clear demonstration of need for differentiated service from the AIG Program that is two or more grade levels above the current grade level
      • Cognitive/Aptitude: total score at the 98th percentile or higher
      • Achievement: total reading and/or mathematics score on WCPSS required AIG tests at the 98th percentile or higher.

      K-2 services begin immediately following SBCGE recommendations and administrative approval.


      Following the 3rd Grade CogAT and Iowa, students may be AIG identified if the criteria for one of 5 Gateways are met.

      Students identified for AIG services in grades 3-12 will begin receiving service at the beginning of the semester following their identification.