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About Ms. Hinson

About: I'm Tori Hinson, a proud teacher soaring through life's adventures. I earned my undergraduate degree at NCSU and am spreading my academic wings even further at UNCC for my master's. Knowledge is my wind beneath the wings!

Alumni: North Carolina State University 

Favorite Children's Book: In the literary world, my heart belongs to "Ruby Holler" by Sharon Creech – a whimsical journey that mirrors life's unpredictability. Embracing the twists and turns, just like the plot of a good book, has been my life's mantra.

Favorite Quote: Sharon Creech, the literary wizard herself, once said, "Each child brings so much joy and hope into the world, and that is reason enough for being here. As you grow older, you will contribute something else to this world, and only you can discover what that is." These words have been my guiding light, inspiring me to spread joy, nurture hope, and discover the unique contribution each of us brings to this grand tapestry called life.