• Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:

    SCORE Academy Reengagement seeks to assist under-credited students between 16 and 21 who have at least 12 credits in overcoming obstacles that impeded their progress towards earning a high school diploma, and help to develop a solid, post-secondary education and career plan.

    SCORE Academy Reassignment is a blended, distance-learning environment for students in grades 9-12. Students who attend our school have been reassigned from their base school for violating a WCPSS student discipline policy.

    Each campus offers a safe, respectful, and hard-working environment with a wide array of supports and services.  All students have access to certified teachers in all core content areas, school counselors, success coaches, a social worker, and a dedicated administrative staff. Students will frequently take part in active conferences to ensure their needs are being met and that they are on track to graduate or be promoted to the next grade. In addition, each site offers flexible hours, food services if needed, and are conveniently located either on or near public transit stops. All SCORE Academy sites offer classes via Canvas and a learning management system called Edgenuity. 

    We are so excited about building pathways and improving student achievement; we believe in the full potential of all students.


    Jody Hinds