• Classroom Celebrations

    Student health and wellness is of the utmost importance at Brier Creek. We recognize that proper nutrition is related to a student’s physical well-being, growth, development, and readiness to learn and we are committed to providing a school environment that promotes student wellness, proper nutrition, nutrition education, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning experience. 

    Consistent with WCPSS Board Policy 6140, Brier Creek only permits the serving of snacks at classroom celebration events that meet the following USDA Smart Snacks in Schools guidelines:

    Smart Snacks Guidelines


    To see if a particular item meets the Smart Snacks in Schools guidelines, use the calculator linked on the righthand side of this page.

    Birthday and Other Individual Student Celebrations

    Occasionally, parents may wish to acknowledge a birthday or other event at school. While these events are primarily home events, parents may recognize a child's special day in one of the following ways:

    • Be a guest reader in the child's classroom and then donate the book to the classroom library.
    • Volunteer during recess and lead a fun game for the class to play
    • Send a Smart Snacks in School-approved snack to the class on the child's special day for everyone to enjoy

    Please do not bring balloons or other decorations, more than one snack per student, goody bags to send home, or gifts to school.

    Party invitations should be mailed from home to home and should not be brought to school for distribution. Teachers will not distribute party invitations to/for students. Additionally, teachers will not share contact information with parents to other parents. The BCES PTA Room Parent may collect and distribute directory information to parents who wish to share that information with other class parents. 



Smart Snacks in Schools Calculator