• Homework Policy

    Based on current educational research, student achievement data, and feedback from our community, the BCES Leadership Team has finalized the following expectations as our homework expectations for 2017-2018: 

    • Students will be expected to read a text of choice nightly. Based on the grade-level they are in, this may be reading silently, reading to someone, being read to, or a combination of the above. Students may also be asked to talk about what they’re reading as part of nightly conversation with their family or friends. The time expectation will vary depending on grade-level.
    • With agreement between parent and teacher, other homework MAY be assigned, but it will be personalized to the individual student’s needs and WILL NOT be taken into account when determining grades, including work habits marks. This means you should not expect to see whole-class worksheets, etc., being sent home that are not personalized to the needs of your child. Anything sent home will be tailored to the needs of your child and only sent home after a conference between you and your child’s teacher. Only work completed in class will be graded and in-school work habits considered in the work habits grade. Completion will not be rewarded in school nor will lack of completion be punished.


    If you would like to read more about homework in the elementary setting, this is a great resource that gives a thorough overview of much of the research.