• Request an Alternate Bus Stop:

    After the first month of school, transportation-eligible bus riders may request service to a before or after school care provider for the duration of the school year as an alternative to their student's home address of record. Requests are reviewed in the order received, and any approval for an alternate stop is for the current school year only. Parents/Guardians must resubmit each year.
    As priority is given to transportation-eligible students requesting service to and from home to school, it may take several weeks to process your request. We urge parents to be patient as routes settle at the start of the school year. Please do not submit duplicate requests as this will delay our ability to respond to your initial request.


    Joint Custody for Dual Stop Request Process:

    Parents please follow the guidelines listed below for making this request. WLMS will start submitting all completed requests when WCPSS Transportation opens the portal which is expected to be on TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018 so long as we have all the correct and completed materials from parents.
    1. All three of the following items MUST be verified. If anyone of these requirements are not meet the request is denied:
      1. A copy of the joint custody agreement. A hard copy or electronic (WLMS will have to keep a copy on file)
      2. Verification of both parent addresses (Ex. Utility Bill)
      3. Parents will need to complete and turn in this completed document (Joint Custody Dual Bus Stop Request Form 2018 – 2019)


    1. WLMS will:
      1. Then verify that all the above parental information is correct
      2. That both parent addresses are in our school’s base assignment area
      3. Then submit the approval request to WCPSS Transportation


    1. WCPSS Transportation's Process for Approval of the Request:
      1. WLMS’s support of the request does not mean that it will be accommodated
      2. Routes change during the first 30 days of school and ridership patterns change as well. WCPSS Transportation's ability to know if we can accommodate the request cannot be made until routes are finalized and ridership capacities determined.


    1. WCPSS Transportation's Criteria review will include:
      1. Confirming both bus stops are in the school’s base assignment area
      2. Determining if there is an existing route and bus stop to support the request
      3. Determining if there is capacity on the bus


    1. If the transportation department can accommodate the request, based upon the conditions above, an email will be sent to both parents approving the request.  A copy of the email will be sent to the school administration.