• What is a Family-School Compact?

    Our family/school compact is a voluntary agreement between home and school. The parents, students and school personnel agree to define goals, expectations, and shared responsibilities to help ensure the success of every student and their individual learning. Research shows that students in schools with compacts in place perform better than students in similar schools without them because of greater reinforcement of learning at home. 


    Jointly Developed

    Our school compact was developed through collaboration between the parents, students, faculty/staff, and the school’s administration. All participants in this process were allowed to share their visions about what they thought MEPHS should be about.


    Teachers, Parents, Students - Together for Success


    As a school, we will

    • Communicate the school rules to the student and his/her parent/guardian
    • Provide enrichment and remediation opportunities for the student as needed
    • Provide motivating and interesting learning experiences in each classroom
    • Provide a safe and orderly learning environment
    • Teach and modify curriculum as needed to meet the needs of every student


    As a parent, I will

    • Communicate regularly with my child’s teachers and attend requested conferences
    • Follow through with and support all educational recommendations by the school
    • Make sure my child is well rested, at school on time each day and does not check out early
    • Monitor my child’s homework
    • Monitor my child’s progress in PowerSchool
    • Read, sign and return my child’s progress reports
    • Reinforce the school rules and support the school faculty/staff in efforts to promote appropriate behavior
    • Support my child by helping them establish a scheduled study time using good study habits


    As a student, I will

    • Ask my teacher when I do not understand
    • Attend school regularly
    • Check my PowerSchool account on a regular basis to keep up with my grades and attendance
    • Check my school email to stay up on information
    • Come to school with necessary materials and prepared to work
    • Complete my assignments on time
    • Follow the rules in the student handbook
    • Follow the school’s uniform and dress code policies
    • Read at least 15 minutes a day
    • Respect my self and the rights of others



Our Goals for Student Achievement