• Seniors,

    Please be reminded that some of the documents you will/may need after high school are stored in your school Google space: examples are resume, portfolios, pictures, poems and other items.  The steps to save important files to your personal flash or hard drive are listed below in in 3 parts:

    Your WCPSS Google Account will be active through June 30. To keep any of your content, be sure to follow the instructions below BEFORE June 30th.

    Saving your WCPSS Google content involves 3 parts:

    The links below are different ways to save your WCPSS stuff. 
    1. Save items shared with me in your Google Drive.
    2. Google Takeout allows you to export your Google content as an archive to take with you. Archives can be opened on almost any computer or added to another Google account.  Click here to follow the directions to Export content using Google Takeout  Can be stored on a personal computer OR storage device like a flash drive.  
    3. Migrate your WCPSS Google Site (digital portfolio) to your personal Google account to take it with you.

    If you have questions or need help, contact the Student Technology Help Desk online at http://StudentTechHelp.wcpss.net or via phone at 919-694-8100.