• Our Goals for Student Achievement


    WCPSS' Goal By 2020

    • WCPSS will annually graduate at least 95% of its students ready for productive citizenship as well as higher education or a career.

    Mary E. Phillips High School Goals

    • We will increase student achievement by “meeting” growth expectations in 100% of End-of-Course exam required courses.
    • We will work to have 100% of all certified staff using technology to support instruction on a weekly basis.
    • We will work to have at least 85% of its students attending school on a regular basis.
    • We will work to have at least 75% of its faculty/staff working in an environment which fosters trust and mutual respect


    Communication about Student Learning

    • Communicate by updating grades in PowerSchool on a regular basis for parents and students
    • Communicate expectations, instructional goals, and grading systems to the student and parent
    • Communicate through conferences, progress reports, and by telephone calls
    • Communicate via email, Remind101, and daily announcements


    Activities to Build Partnerships

    • Family Celebrations/Activities (i.e. holiday gatherings, talent show, fundraising events)
    • Parent Advisory Council (PAC) monthly meetings
    • Parent Student Orientation
    • Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) monthly meetings