• Salem Elementary Book Vending Machine: Introducing Tokens and Tales   

    A literacy incentive program for Salem Elementary Students 

    Salem Elementary School students will have the opportunity to earn two free books of their choosing during the 2023-2024 school year when they meet literacy goals in the class and in their free time. Students will earn tokens to select a book from a new book vending machine as part of a Tokens for Tales literacy initiative made possible by donations to the Salem Elementary PTA.  

    Classroom teachers will award one token to each student throughout the year when students achieve a personal literacy goal. This goal will look different for each student and is determined informally by the teachers. It is not tied to test scores or other evaluations, but rather a reflection of a student’s work toward improvement in their personal literacy skills. 

    Students also have the choice to earn a coin by reading 10 books from their grade-level collection on the school library website. They must read at least two books from each category: fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novel. The remaining four books are “reader’s choice.” While they are encouraged to select from the grade-level collections, it is not required. Students will record the books they read on the attached Tokens for Tales bookmark. When all 10 spaces are filled, the media specialist will exchange it for a book machine token. The complete collections can be found in the Destiny Discover app on the WakeID Portal or by using this link: https://bit.ly/SalemESBooks 

    Each student can earn only two tokens during the school year. However, students who complete the 10-book challenge again can turn in a second bookmark to be entered for a chance to win a third token at the end of the school year. 

    It is our hope that this new incentive will encourage students to keep working hard and improve their literacy skills. The book collections—and requirement to read at least two from each category—aim to expose readers to genres they might not typically choose when checking out books. And you never know when they will find exactly the right book that sparks a life-long love of reading for both education and entertainment. Students are encouraged to explore other collections throughout the year using the Destiny Discover app. They also can search for new reading material by author, genre, etc. 

    The PTA plans to continue Tokens and Tales in future years. Your donations to fundraising events and purchases at the book fairs help us keep the vending machine stocked with new titles students of all ages will love. 

    Happy Reading! 

    Your Salem Elementary PTA 

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