• The Purpose of the FRES Safety Patrol


    Safety Patrol fulfills an educational role at Forestville Road Elementary School by teaching responsibility through assigned tasks and roles, under guidance. Safety patrol encourages character development through the recognition of achievement and holds students accountable for their participation and creates role models to be emulated through the program.

    Benefits Safety Patrol 

    School Safety Patrols benefit students, schools, and communities.
                   Students gain:
            • Safety awareness
            • Leadership
            • Teamwork
            • Pride
            • Citizenship
            • Respect for law enforcement 
                   Schools benefit from opportunities
                      to promote:
            • Traffic safety awareness
            • Peer-to-peer education
            • Character-building opportunities
            • A constructive outlet for students’ energy
            • A positive relationship with parents, law            enforcement.
                   The overall Communities benefit from:


            •  Safer environments for pedestrians and motorists.
            • A spirit of volunteerism and civic mindedness.
            • A positive collaboration between students, parents, schools and law enforcement.