Booster Program

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    Booster Program At a Glance


    • To advance overage students to the age appropriate grade
    • Prepare students for transition to high school after 1 semester
    • Offer a rigorous course of study
    • Promote a positive transition to high school focusing on graduation in 3.5 years if possible
    • Teach civic responsibility through community service learning opportunities
    • Decrease high school drop out rates and increase students graduating on time


    • Student to Teacher ratio of 15:1
    • Designated School Counselor with follow up until high school graduation
    • 90 minute block schedule
    • Service Learning Module
    • Students required to wear the unified dress code
    • Career Education emphasis

    Student Profile

    • Student has been retained at least one time in his/her school history.
    • Student is able to complete a rigorous academic course of study in 18 weeks.
    • Student is at or above academic grade level.
    • Student has been able to maintain A/B/Cs at his/her base school.
    • Student has demonstrated a history of building positive relationships with teachers in the referring school
    • Student has no history of severe or aggressive acting out
    • Student demonstrates a relatively consistent pattern of attending school

    Booster Activities

    • Mock Interviews
    • Guest Speakers from various businesses in Wake County
    • Field Trips to colleges such as Wake Tech,  AT&T
    • Tutoring/Mentoring students in the Bridges Program
    • Arts and Crafts and Dancing with the participants at TLC in Cary
    • Parent High School Information Meetings


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