• Middle School Program Referral Process 


    Mt. Vernon at a Glance

    Below are one page documents that give a brief overview of Mt. Vernon Middle.

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    Student Profile

    Students referred to Mt. Vernon often are failing academically.  They also may demonstrate some behavioral difficulties in their base school.  These difficulties are usually of a playful nature and occur most often during the unstructured times and areas at the base school.  Students who benefit from Mt. Vernon have demonstrated a history of building positive relationships with teachers in their schools and demonstrate a desire to improve their circumstances.  Our middle school program emphasizes strengthening basic academic skills.  Academic remediation is available for students in the areas of Math and Reading. 


    Referring Schools

    Students must be referred by their base WCPSS Middle School.  Click here to view the list of schools who refer to Mt. Vernon. 



    Base schools must complete all portions and submit 5 copies of the application to Mt. Vernon.  These may be sent in courier or hand delivered. 

    Application Header/Checklist

    Application for Admission

    Parent/Student Interview  

    Teacher Recommendation


    Intake Sessions

    Once a referral packet is received, Mt. Vernon will schedule an intake session with the base school to discuss and review the referral and identify goals and objectives upon acceptance.  The dates for intake hearings can be found at the link below.  Our current acceptance rate is approximately 90%.  

    Mt. Vernon Intake and Orientation Dates


    Orientation Sessions

    If accepted, students are scheduled for an orientation/admission session within two weeks.  The student’s parent is required to attend the orientation/admission session.  Once enrolled, students will attend Mt. Vernon for the remainder of the current school year.