Single Subject Acceleration

  • Students meeting qualifying criteria in grades K‐7 can take advanced academic content in mathematics or English Language Arts through Single Subject Acceleration (SSA). This ensures opportunities for appropriate levels of academic challenge. Only students who are currently enrolled and attending a WCPSS school during the open nomination and testing window are eligible to be considered for SSA.

    Does My Child Qualify?

    SSA allows students to show mastery of content in select elementary or middle school courses. Students who prove mastery do not have to take the course and may move on to the next level.  

    Parents or guardians may nominate their child to skip a grade level of content in either English Language Arts or mathematics.

    Students will be assessed at their school based upon grade level. Depending on grade level and subject, this could include a multiple-choice test and/or a writing sample. Your school will have more specific information about this process once your child is nominated. 

    Assessment Requests, Testing Windows

    You must submit an SSA assessment request form to your school during its specific calendar deadlines. (Forms are also available at schools.)

    Deadlines for requesting an assessment for the 2020-21 school year are as follows:

    • For Leadership Academies, Modified Calendar and Year-Round Track 1 Schools: Feb. 24-28
    • For Barwell, Fox Road and Walnut Creek Elementary Schools: March 16-20
    • For Traditional Calendar Schools as well as Year-Round Tracks 2, 3 and 4: March 23-27

    Testing Windows are as follows:

    • For Leadership Academies: April 6-21
    • For Modified Calendar Schools: April 1-15
    • Year-Round Tracks 1-3: April 13-23
    • Traditional Calendar: April 20-30
    • Year-Round Track 4: April 28-May 8
    • Barwell, Fox Road and Walnut Creek Elementary: May 11-27



  • SSA Notes

    Students who already participate in SSA math or ELA do not have to test again.   Successful completion of their current math or ELA class will move them forward next year.  Students cannot apply for SSA in more than one area... they can choose math OR English/Language Arts, but not both.  
    There are specific nomination and testing windows based on school calendar. Nominations will be accepted for each school only during their specified nomination window.  Testing is scheduled for 1st through 5th graders according to the specified dates.  Students will be given 2 hours for testing.  Parents of Kindergarten students will be given information about when their child will be assessed after the nomination period ends as their testing must be done in smaller groups.  
    Traditional Calendar Nomination Window:  
    April 6th to April 26th  (All forms MUST be received by the end of the school day on April 26th, no later than 4pm. Late nomination forms will not be accepted.)  
    Traditional Calendar Testing Window: May 4th-May 10th
    Pleasant Grove's Anticipated Testing Dates:  Monday May 6th to Wednesday May 8th.