• Frequently Asked Questions

    This page addresses some of the common concerns and questions about Mt. Vernon Middle School. 


    Is this a school for "bad" kids?

    No. Mt. Vernon does not accept students who have a pervasive history of misbehaviors.  Some of our students do have some minor behaviors that impact their learning, while others may experience motivation or attendance issues.  In many cases, our students are those that just need smaller class sizes and more structure in order to be successful. 


    How can I get my child into your school? 

    Referrals to Mt. Vernon are managed by your child's base middle school.  It is important to speak to your child's school counselor, social worker, or principal if you want to be considered for our programs. 


    Can I visit the school before my child enrolls?

    Absolutely!  Parents are encouraged to visit and take a guided tour of Mt. Vernon.  Please contact Mrs. Brown or Mrs. Smith to schedule a tour. (919) 233-4313 ext 27073 or 27082 respectively.


    How will my child be transported to Mt. Vernon?

    Transportation is handled through contracted providers.  Students are picked up from their individual addresses.  We encourage parents to exchange contact information with the driver, and keep him/her updated on illnesses, vacations, or changes in address.  Students are not permitted to ride any cab other than the one they are assigned.  Parents or others designated by the parent/guardian may pick up a child with prior written notice. 


    What do I do if my child does not get accepted into Mt. Vernon?

    Mt. Vernon provides information to the base school regarding admittance - including results and reasoning.  Your child's base school counselor or social worker may be able to share other options or help find services for your child. 


    Can my child attend Mt. Vernon after being long term suspended?

    Students actively serving long term suspensions are not considered candidates for our program. 


    What do you teach at Mt. Vernon?

    Students are instructed using the North Carolina Standard Course of Study in all subjects.  Teachers follow the recommended pacing guides provided by Wake County Public Schools. 


    Do you have sports or other extracurricular activities?

    No, we do not. However, students are allowed to participate in sports and extracurricular activities at their base schools.